Earthquake Preparedness

Why bother preparing for an earthquake?

it will not be for a long time …

it will not be epicentered here…

it will not be that bad here…

I have so much else to do that is more pressing…

it is too much work . . .

  Try an edit-find function (hold down Ctrl, then type the letter F) on your computer to ‘search’ this page. is a family (and babysitters, caregivers, overnight guests) Disaster Plan

As a part of preparing for the next earthquake, do a what if? survey of your home.

You can find detailed maps (with zoom in capability) of potential road closures, risk of liquefaction and flooding, at the ABAG link at: (Consider having the vet ‘microchip’ your pets, and more…)

Helping children cope with disaster

store water for after an earthquake

hazardous household chemical mixtures (Many people know that ammonia mixed with bleach creates a toxic gas. Therefore we should not only not mix them to clean, we should store them apart from each other to they can’t spill and mix during the shaking of an earthquake.)

disaster supplies

babysitter consent and contact form

emergency information form

blood donation FAQs

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