Has it been quite awhile since you last swam, or did you forget how to swim?

Are you self-taught?

Are you comfortable in the water, but uncomfortable in deep water?

Beginning swimming is offered at De Anza College on Saturdays Fall, Winter and Spring quarters. When there are no beginning swim classes offered, for example many summer quarters, the KNES1A (novice) class can be appropriate for beginners.

If you read about it too late to add, please at least be enrolled at De Anza before the first class so you can add if we find we have the space.

Beginning swimming and/or novice swimming at De Anza are opportunities for people to relearn to swim.

– – The beginning class on Saturdays is held much of the time in shallow water, so you do not need the endurance to swim multiple laps in 7 feet deep water and it is okay if you can’t tread water for a minute at a time, as would be required in the other beginning swim classes held in only deep water at De Anza.

I usually teach a beginning swim class and a novice swim class Saturdays fall quarter

and a beginning swim class and a intermediate swim class Saturdays winter quarter.

Find the current schedule of classes at:

Information about KNES1A, the novice (before beginning swimming, even with a fear of water or for people who can swim but just are not fully comfortable/skilled in deep water) swim class at De Anza College, is at

Below is info for when I teach a beginning swim class.

Almost all De Anza College beginning swim classes are usually taught in 6 or 7 feet deep water, not shallow water, so the course lists a 'prerequisite' of passing a 25 yard swim test in deep water.

We do not have a prerequisite deep water swim test for my Saturday beginning swim classes.

(Yes, this beginning swim class is also appropriate for people who can swim and tread water well enough to be in water that is deeper than they are tall.)

You do not have to know/remember how to tread water or how to dive but should have some freestyle and backstroke capability.

Information about (formerly PE26B) KNES,001B, the beginning swim class at De Anza College, as well as how to get a P.E. locker, how to find the De Anza College swimming pool, how to find P E 673 when we use it as a classroom and more, is at

You do not need to buy a textbook for any class I teach. We will talk about it in class the first day of class.

Looking for PE 26B, beginning swimming? It got a new name and became KNES 001B (as in Kinesiology).

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