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All the material from my original De Anza College faculty website

(one of the very first faculty websites at De Anza College)

had to be moved due to a server dying.

Please see:

for all the study guides, info about the De Anza College Outdoor Club, lifeguard training, how to have more fun in Yosemite or Grand Teton National park, and much more.


The most read webpages from the original website were, in this order:


- - As of Fall quarter 2016 all De Anza College PE (Physical Education, P.E.) activity and lecture courses are renamed KNES (Kinesiology), (except team sports and massage).

Ooooops, PE21 (tennis) is not becoming KNES21.

I am compiling a list of the old and new titles/numbers here:

as I am able to discover and cross reference them.

PE26A novice swimming, has become KNES 1A, (not K N E S 26 A).

PE26B, beginning swimming, has become KNES 1B (not K N E S 26 B)

PE26C, intermediate swimming, has become KNES 1C (not K N E S 26 C)

PE26D, advanced swimming, has become KNES 1D, (not K N E S 26 D)

and PE6G, aerobic swimming, has become KNES 2A, (not K N E S 6 G).

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