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 Directions to De Anza College, 21250 Stevens Creek Blvd, in Cupertino, California, are at:

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The campus map can be found at

Locations of offices in the De Anza College Campus Center    includes a map and directions to the Office of College Life / Student Accounts, Health Services and the De Anza Student Government (DASG) offices

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 see the map of the De Anza College pool (sections of which are listed in the schedule of classes as POOLE, POOLM and POOLW), diving well, Fitness Center and classroom PE673. And see How to find PE 12U at De Anza College

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To find the location of and directions to find

on the lower level of the Campus Center,

Health Services (where you can pick up some packets of over-the-counter medications, join a quit smoking program and more), CLUBS (like the Outdoor Club) and DASG (De Anza student Government offices, formerly DASB - De Anza Student Body offices), the Office of College Life (formerly Office of Student Life) where you can get your student photo ID picture taken, rent a bike for free,

and on the upper level of the De Anza Campus Center

find the cafeteria (Food Court), large Conference Rooms A and B, Don Bautista room, El Clemente Room, Santa Cruz Room and the Fireside Room, see the maps at

locations of offices in the De Anza College Campus Center

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To find the location of and directions to find the Admissions and Registration office, Admissions and Records help desks and advice plus a few computers you can use to register for classes, bookstore, Disability Support Services ,The Outreach Office and Campus Cupboard / Food Pantry  see the

MAP of De Anza College Registration and Student Services building

Transfer Center, Psychological Services (therapists), Counseling and International Students offices are upstairs.

Veterans Services previously was in this building, but are now in SEM 3 (Seminar 3), the upper left hand (north-western) purple building at the west side of the main campus map at: 

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Free textbook downloads are available for many courses, including the first aid class HLTH57A   

Look for the green icon in the schedule of classes.

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Where it lists a prerequisite, does that mean I really have to have taken the De Anza prerequisite class before?

In the case of some De Anza courses, the prerequisites are literally required. For swim classes and most De Anza Kinesiology (formerly Physical Education) classes, you only need have the skills of someone who has taken the preceding course. Some instructors will give a swim test, perhaps as simple as swimming across the pool, to judge if your abilities are sufficient. In beginning swim classes a long swim test in deep water is listed as a prerequisite, but when I teach it on Saturdays we have shallow water as well, so there is no deep water swim test unless you want to swim in deep water. During quarters when no beginning swimming is offered, novice swim can be great for beginners.

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How to pass your final?

How to pass a Red Cross written test

has advice for passing any exam you might take, including strategies for picking the correct answer, typical mistakes people make when taking a test.

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 There is a deadline to apply for graduation in time for your name to appear in the ceremony program. Caps and gowns can be purchased at the De Anza bookstore staring a month or so before graduation.

more is at:

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De Anza has many new AEDs


A detailed explanation of how to use the models of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) that De Anza College has is at:

AED quick facts 

Signs and symptoms of a heart attack; a discussion of consciousness; how to do compressions-only-CPR if you witness the sudden collapse of an adult; elements of effective, quality CPR compressions, heart disease and notes on how to call 911 are at 

  hands only CPR

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The De Anza Library has free access for current students to the New York Times. Go to the library home page and click on, you guessed it, The New York Times. At the next screen, log in with your Portal IDs. On the next screen, create an account.

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De Anza College home games also has links to student recitals, dance performances, art exhibitions, kayaking lessons in the De Anza swimming pool, Family Astronomy Evenings and Laser Light Shows, guided campus tours and blood drives.

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How to contact a De Anza instructor

 How to get an email to or deliver a letter/package to a De Anza instructor (with a photo of the mail room drop off slot for use all day every day, including during times the mailroom is closed) is at:

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How to get a P.E. locker (and general rules & regulations for locker room use) at De Anza College answers questions about swim classes, such as:

When is the De Anza College swimming pool open to students or the public for lap swim?

Do I need to bring my swimsuit the first day of class? Does it matter what kind of sunscreen I use?

Isn't it too cold winter quarter to have a swim class?

Where it lists a prerequisite, does that mean I have to have taken the De Anza prerequisite class before?

I can’t float, can I learn to swim?
I’ve never been in a swimming pool, can I learn to swim?


What is the difference between KNES 1B, KNES 1C, KNES 1D and KNES 2A? Which swim class should I take?

How do I get a P.E.  locker?

In the space for the faculty member’s last name in the schedule of classes what does “STAFF” really mean?

When I tried to enroll I was put on the “WAIT LIST.” How do I get moved to the enrolled list?

When are the holidays, last day to add, last day to…?

What does it mean to ask for a P/NP (pass-no pass) grade?

and answers questions about waitlists, adds/drops and makeups.

There is also a link to find the curriculum (what is taught in a class, the course outline or course content, usually designed by a division and reviewed and approved by the college) for any De Anza College class. Each instructor can teach each and grade each class differently.

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There is a link to the De Anza College map and a detailed map of the P.E. quad pool area and the answer to the question: Where are the De Anza college swimming pools?

EPOOL or POOLE refers to the east end (shallow end) of the De Anza pool, where the novice swim classes are held. Novice swim is appropriate for people who:

Can swim but are not fully skilled /comfortable in deep water OR

Can't swim or have never been in a swimming pool OR

have fear of the water.

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When my swim classes start with a how-to-swim-a-stroke video made by the Red Cross and USA Swimming we are sometimes in classroom P.E. 12U. How to find PE 12U at De Anza College 

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More students qualify for financial aid than use it or even know they qualify. There are enrollment fee waivers you can apply for online which take about a week to get an answer. A link is at the page, as well as a link to scholarships. De Anza College offers many scholarships, some of which have few applicants!

You don’t have to pay for all your classes/fees at once. De Anza has an installment payment plan that allows you to defer most of your payments. Yup, you guessed it, there is a link there as well.

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The De Anza College Wellness Center is one of the best kept secrets in Silicon Valley. It is staffed by college educators, not salespeople. You won’t be offered 90 days for only $199.99, a long term contract or minimum two year long membership.

This is not a big, impersonal, health club/gym.

At many other gyms and health clubs a large percentage of the members pay for a membership, come a few times to work out and then disappear. At the De Anza Wellness Center you will regularly see people from the lecture class you are enrolled in and others who choose the workout times you do. If being motivated to work out has been a problem for you, you will find that being enrolled in a college class, having a regular schedule for the lecture portion of the class and regular feedback from the instructor(s) should help you to start making fitness a habit.

I recommend that if they have the time, all my swim students should also take KNES-050A / KNES-50AL  and use the Lifetime Fitness and Wellness Center.

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The Baldwin part-time faculty offices, with with a copier, large fridge/freezer, sink, microwave, dining tables, 30 spacious cubicles/work spaces, (some with computers and phones, all with comfy height-adjustable chairs), two other more private meeting rooms, and more, are available for any and all adjunct faculty to use. See photos at

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