Voici Quelques Mots de Nos Étudiants

Taking the French series with Madame Hafid has been a wonderful experience of online learning. She creates such a welcoming environment for students of all levels, making it easy to participate. Her enthusiasm for the language is truly infectious!

With French 1, 2 and 3,  I have learned a strong foundation of French and am so excited to continue to practice. I am excited to travel to French-speaking countries and explore so many new cultures with one beautiful language. Merci beaucoup! 

– Current Student

I’ve always wanted to learn this beautiful language and your course has helped me immensely! I initially signed up for French 1 only to learn the bare basic of it but after completing the class I just had to keep going! Same thing after completing French 2: I just couldn’t stop!

I really like the way you teach your class. Incorporating vocabulary with verb conjugations and making us practice with verbal exercises is a great way to encourage students to learn. This way of teaching also created an environment that made us all taking your class feel comfortable with one another when practicing during break-room time and helped us improve our pronunciation (the most challenging part) by the ton LOL.

Thank you again for always been there to answer every question we had during the courses and even going out of your way after class hours to help us become a more fluent French speaker! 

– Current Student

I've really enjoyed the French courses at De Anza. I've taken all three quarters and I honestly feel that, at this point, I would be able to travel to France and communicate with the people. I'm so happy that they offered online classes because I wouldn't have been able to take these courses otherwise. It's been a really great experience.

The instructor, Madame Hafid, is wonderful. She really cares about her students and their success in the class. She is willing to work with you on assignments and due dates in order to make sure you benefit from the class. She's enthusiastic and does a great job of helping students advance their knowledge of the French-speaking world. I would encourage all those interested in French to take these courses. 

– Current Student 

I think the biggest takeaway was actually succeeding at learning words and grammar of language that I had given up on as a kid. Trust me, I never wanted to go near French or France up until last year ... and your class.  Traveling in France and getting a feel of the complexities and special flavor of French really helped me appreciate everything about the French and France. 

– Former Student 

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