We use the same textbook for FREN 1, FREN 2 and FREN 3: 

Vis-a-Vis textbook coverVIS-à-VIS, 7th edition, by Amon, Muyskens and Omaggio Hadley, McGraw-Hill Publishing Company

  • FREN 1: Chapters 1-6
  • FREN 2: Chapters 7-11
  • FREN 3: Chapters 12-16

The De Anza College Bookstore sells the physical, loose-leaf edition with a CONNECT access code, which also provides access to the e-book version. You can also purchase a CONNECT access code separately.

Assigned CONNECT exercises will count toward your homework grade. If you plan to buy a used book that does not come with access to CONNECT, please be sure to purchase a stand-alone CONNECT access code from the publisher.

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