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  • French - TransferMapDetails for TransferMap - French

    A transfer map is a suggested schedule of courses to take each quarter, if you are planning to transfer and pursue a bachelor’s degree in a particular subject. These maps were created to help you get a solid footing in the subject and stay on track with courses commonly required by CSU or UC schools, but they do not guarantee your admission to any university. It’s important that you work with a counselor or academic adviser to determine exactly which classes you need to reach your particular goal.

    Transfer Map

  • French Language and Culture - Certificate of AchievementNEWDetails for Certificate of Achievement - French Language and Culture

    The Certificate of Achievement in French Language and Culture is designed to offer students the opportunity to discover another culture and to help Francophile students broaden theirs. It is also suitable for students with French links. The certificate enables students to engage with the growing French-speaking communities in the Bay Area and to travel, study, work or get involved with businesses in 29 different countries. The certificate will satisfy a language transfer requirement and could be used in graduate work across multiple fields such as anthropology, art, history and linguistics.


In addition to the programs listed above, you may be able to apply courses in this department toward General Education requirements.

You can check the course offerings in the college catalog against the following lists of GE requirements

These requirements may be subject to change. Always confirm the requirements for your specific program.

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