***D R A F T*** Sep 2021

About the Budget Task Force

As part of the College's renewed commitment to equity and inclusion, on June 17, 2021 College Council approved the formation of a budget task force for at least one year.  The budget is an overall collegewide concern and there is a need to educate the campus on the types and amount of funds available. Knowing the budget will assist the college with funding for student success.


The Request to move forward with the budget taskforce, with the addition of one member from each of the three recognized affinity groups to discuss the charge of the taskforce and bring that charge and membership to College Council on the first meeting in October was approved.

 Draft Charge

  • Educate – its members
  • Disseminate – information from various sources to constituents
  • Communicate – transparent budget proposals to stakeholders
  • Initiate – change to the process
  • Advocate – for appropriate funding
  • Navigate - the complicated internal and external systems

 Guiding Principles

  • The budget taskforce will adhere the elements of the college values that call for fostering:
    Integrity: We embrace honesty, credibility, clear communication and acting on our stated values. We strive to acknowledge and address issues that may be difficult to broach. The college’s ability to fulfill its mission depends on a college community in which everyone feels included, respected and safe.
    Equity : We value and embrace the intellectual contributions of a diverse spectrum of people and cultures. We strive for a diverse workforce that honors the contributions of all who work here.
  • Members will honor the topics and times of the meeting agenda. Agendas and materials will be distributed in advance and all members will be prepared to participate fully in the entire meeting.
  • Members will present issues completely, accurately, honestly and without bias, using authentic primary sources of data and not selectively withholding information.
  • Members will encourage full and open participation by all participants and will demonstrate a respect for and willingness to listen to diverse opinions and viewpoints.
  • Members will govern their interpersonal behavior on the basis of mutual respect and trust for one another and will avoid personal attacks, physical and verbal intimidation, asserting authority of position, and "negative talk".
  • Members will maintain respect for team discussions.
  • Members will disseminate and gather feedback clearly and concisely.

Each team member is empowered and responsible for understanding and enforcing these  principles.

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