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Date: February 21, 2023
Time: 10:00 - 11:25 am
Location: MLC 255

This meeting will be held HyFlex, meaning anyone can participate in-person or online.  To join remotely, see the Zoom information at the bottom of this page.

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader


    Approval of Agenda and Minutes from Feb 14, 2023

    I/A Rob

    Restricted Funds Example: Strong Work Force and Perkins

    I/D Erik with Randy Bryant

    Resource Allocation Process and Timelines for Materials/Equipment/Student Services

    D Erik
    11:05-11:15 Name change for PAC D Rob

    Executive Secretary Position for PAC



    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes

    Membership attendance

    • In person: Thomas Ray, Tim Shively, Erik Woodbury, Cheryl Jaeger Balm, Salvador Guerrero, Moaty Fayek, Javier Gomez-Tagle, Rob Mieso, Jason Sousa
    • Remote: Dennis Shannakian, Pam Grey, Bidya Subedi, Melinda Hughes, Tina Lockwood, Alicia Mullens, Erick Aragon
    • Absent: Izat Rasyad, Felisa Vilaubi, Michele LeBleu-Burns, Andre Meggerson, Wei Quan Lai, Isaac Lim, Elvin Ramos, Eric Mendoza, Jessica Lukius


    Tim asked if this committee will be discussing Measure G, and Erik said no one had brought it up to be agendized.

    Jason Sousa has joined PAC replacing Adam Contreras as the Classified CSEA representative.

    Minutes and agenda approved.

    Restricted Funds Example: Strong Work Force and Perkins

    Randy Bryant presented the CTE (Career and Technical Education) slides.

    The Feb 2023 CTE Budget Allocation to Resource spreadsheet created by Vins Chacko.  The first tab shows grants resources.  The balances remaining can be deceiving because some of that money is already encumbered e.g. for salaries.  These numbers are always changing, so the numbers in the spreadsheet are close to accurate, but if you want exact numbers, call Randy.

    The second tab labeled SWP (Strong Workforce Program) is the allocations from SWP Round 7 that the CTE Committee is recommending to PAC.  These allocations are based on program review.  SWP Round 8 will come July 1, 2023, from the State, and will be approximately another $2M, plus $500,000 more from Perkins.  This money must be spent by the following July 1 or else it goes back to the State.  Because of this, money is often shuffled between programs that need it.  When money is moved around, Vins has to go into the State reporting system and update our information.

    If a division asks for e.g. $1M and we only have e.g. $200,000 to allocate to them from CTE funds (SWP and Perkins), it’s then up to the dean and chairs to determine what in the division does and does not get funded from the $200,000.

    Things marked in green on the spreadsheet are items that have been received.  When allocating SWP money, the CTE Committee starts with salaries that have already been promised from these funds.  They then look at the resource request sheets and past spending to allocate funds to each department.  Then the money for all the departments in a division is allocated to the division, and the dean can allocate it as they see fit based on each department’s resource requests.  Some flexibility is given to the deans as to how the funds are ultimately distributed because it must be reported to the State by July 1 which divisions the money is allocated to and needs sometimes change after July 1 as we get into the school year.

    The tabs in the spreadsheet that are labeled by division are the 2022-2023 resource requests from those divisions.  PAC will need to make sure when they allocate lottery and instructional equipment funds that they are not duplicating things already funded by SWP / Perkins CTE money.  PAC also needs to be conscious in allocating funds of what departments already have received some funding from CTE.  PAC also has to be careful we aren’t supplanting, which means we can’t move funding out of a CTE program into a non-CTE program and then try to assign SWP money to that CTE program claiming it’s a “new” cost.

    Randy is asking PAC to approve this next round of 2022-2023 requests in the division tabs in the spreadsheet.  This will come back as an action item in two weeks to give folks a chance to talk to their constituents about it before voting.  PAC is only being asked to approve the request sheets; the CTE Committee has already vetted them and recommends them and the budgeting of the actual funds already happened last year.

    ACTION NEEDED:  Agendize vote for March 7 meeting.

    Resource Allocation Process and Timelines for Materials/Equipment/Student Services

     We will start allocating funds from lottery, instructional equipment and lottery materials by splitting up into groups to look at the department and division resource requests, which is how it was done in IPBT.  Erik created a document with five program review teams.  Erik tried to make sure each team has at least one administrator, faculty member, student, classified professional, and equity/affinity representative in the group. 

    Some of this work was started by IPBT in Fall.  Here are those documents:

    These groups will be looking at program review through the lens of lottery, instructional equipment and library materials funds restrictions to make recommendations on the appropraiteness of the requests, any questions that need to be answered by the deans, and how much lottery money should be allocated to the eligible requests.  We should be looking both at the resource requests specifically and the program review more holistically.  We should be looking at how each department's program review fits into the college as a whole.

    Besides using lottery funds for basic needs, there are no similar pots of money that can be allocated to student services.  That usually comes from grants or from budget allocation from general funds, so other than hiring, student services budget requests will go through BAC (Budget Advisory Committee).

    The program review timelines were created to help us meet CTE funding deadlines.  The last program review we have online is 2021-2022 because we haven’t finished this academic year’s program review yet. 

    There was discussion over whether guests should be part of the program reviewteams.  Guests are welcome to participate in meetings, but the working/writing groups should be committee members only and guests are welcome to participate when that work is brought to the whole committee.

    It’s difficult to split into groups in a HyFlex format, so meetings where we’ll be primarily doing work in these teams will be help exclusively online using breakout rooms.


    Name Change for PAC

    Possible names brainstormed:

    • Resource Allocation Committee (RAC)
    • Resource Review and Allocation Committee (RRAC)
    • Joint Resource Allocation Committee (JRAC)
    • Program Designation Board (PDB)
    • Program Review and Allocation Committee (PRAC)
    • Program Allocation & Review Committee (PARC)
    • Resource Allocation & Planning (RAP)
    • Resource Allocation & Program Planning (RAPP)
    • Program (Planning) Allocation & Resource Review Committee (PARRC)
    • Program Resource Allocation Review Committee (PRARC)
    • Program Planning People (PPP)

    ACTION NEEDED:  Choose a name from this list, hopefully next meeting.

    Executive Secretary Position for PAC

    Cheryl is getting reassign time to serve in this role this quarter, but she can’t continue next quarter due to a scheduling conflict.

    General duties: Attend weekly PAC meeting, take minutes, post minutes to website, attend weekly PAC planning meeting, post agendas, maintain website.

    Do we want someone to continue in this role or to rely on a volunteer next quarter?  If we continue the position, how do we incentivize it?  What should the compensation be, and how do we make it available to people in a variety of roles (faculty and classified staff).  Could the tri-chairs do this?  

    Classified professionals could get overtime or possibly $60/hour.  Faculty could choose the $60/hour or PGA.  But where would the money come from? 

    Cheryl recommended this position not be held by a voting member because it's hard to take accurate notes and analyze things you should be voting on at the same time.  She also said it is a pretty fun job.

    ACTION NEEDED: Let the tri-chairs know if you have thoughts on this, or email Cheryl if you have more questions.

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