Steps To Apply

To Apply to the honors program, please follow the steps below.

  1. Confirm that you fit the eligibility requirements.
  2. Fill out the online application form.
  3. Write the supplemental application essays for the Honors Program and submit them by email to
    1. The first supplement is a typed essay which demonstrates your critical thinking and writing abilities. You may use an essay that was submitted for a college-level class. If you have not yet attended college, you may submit an essay from a junior- or senior-level class (600-800 words). Be sure to name this document LastnameFirstname1.doc.
    2. The second supplement is a statement of your own reasons for wanting to participate in the Honors Program, its value to you, and what you can contribute to the Program (300 words). Be sure to name this document LastnameFirstname2.doc.
  4. Send an email containing pictures or attachments of your SAT scores, ACT scores, or High School Transcripts necessary to confirm your eligibility for the program. If you are qualifying for the program through your college GPA and/or your EWRT 1A status, this step is not required.
  5. Request a professor to recommend you to the program. Send them the faculty recommendation formThe form must be downloaded to be editable. Attach the completed form to an email to
  6. Please contact or visit the Honors Lounge in S-33b if you do not hear back within 2-3 weeks after submission.

Application Deadline

We will accept applications at any time. However, the following due dates are to ensure that your application will be reviewed in time for you to be accepted the corresponding quarter.

  • Fall: August 1
  • Winter: December 1
  • Spring: March 1

Any applications received after August 1 will be reviewed sometime in September. We cannot guarantee that they will be reviewed in time for you to participate in the fall quarter.

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