De Anza Honors Program (DAHP) promotes academic excellence and leadership both on and off campus. The program encourages members to not only challenge themselves academically but to also serve their campus and their community. There are many different ways to lead and make a difference in the community and we leave it to the students to find the best way they can impact people around them. We consider community engagement as important as any Honors course taken. In fact students can use their services of 20 hours or more to count as one of the six needed courses for completing the program. Activities include but are not limited to:

  • Honors social events and activities - Earn a maximum of 1 hour per event for volunteering and/or participating in a fundraiser, outreach, social event, and member meeting. The participation should exceed 50 minutes and you must have an Honors officer record your activity. The Program Coordinator will sign off the hour for you during office hours.
  • De Anza College VIDA - You can find a volunteer placement by going to the De Anza College VIDA Service Learning webpage. There you will find a list of service opportunities.
  • Local volunteering organization - You can also find your own service placement, not on that list. You need Coordinator's approval for the activity to count as service credit. 

Note: If the service is a paid job, if it is already part of an Honors project for a class, or if it satisfies requirement of any other class, then it cannot count toward service.

All service hours must be signed off by Honors program Coordinator. For every activity, you must include a one-paragraph minimum write up of the event and your experience. The page for each activity should include your name, date and time of the activity, and contact information for the supervisor.

You keep all the paperwork and once completed the 20 hours, you submit for final recording. To log your activity you can use this form.

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