The Capstone Project

Capstone Project is a report, thesis, or case study of your chosen branch of the topic provided by the Program during the start of the academic school year. Honors Members will be asked to uphold the academic honesty policy as defined by Foothill De Anza School District and submit original work with the sources cited correctly.

Honors Members working on the Capstone Project are required to follow APA style guidelines. It will be used to provide consistency and will provide guidance on formatting and citing sources.
All ideas/sources that are not your Intellectual property must be cited. 

The Project must be typed, Times New Roman font, 12 point typeface, black. Bold, Italics, underline or caps can be used if consistent with the style guide used. We are looking for at least 10 pages of writing.
The members are required to have an advisor who will guide them through the research or the case study. When expressing interest in doing the case study, members are required to provide the form signed by the Advisor showing evidence of approval of the project. The advisor can be any faculty member with deep rooted interest and/or experience in the chosen topic. He/she must be familiar with the research process and be able to give students advice on the project.


  • Fall quarter (by the end of week 11): Pick a faculty advisor and topic and your sources
  • Winter quarter (by the end of week 4): Submit your progress to the Honors program office. Your progress report should include: Title and one line description of your project, abstract, methodology, and references. You can email with a pdf of your proposal.
  • Spring quarter (by the end of week 8): Submit the original copy of your project with cover sheet and original signature page. Your submissions should be dropped off by the office before end of the day and emailed to

2020-21 theme:

That which is "legal" and that which is "moral" are not necessarily the same. Examine the intersections and divergences of the two; then discuss the implications and possible consequences of each as they manifest in your field of interest.  You might consider whether it is possible to exploit the concept of legality to defend immorality or whether it is possible to legislate morality to impinge on or influence the concept of legality? How do we manage this chasm between the two concepts without compromising ethics? Or is that impossible? Feel free to explore other contentious outcomes of legal vs. moral if you choose.
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