Construction Notices and Updates

Measure G Construction Update [logo]Check this page for announcements and updates about work underway relating to Measure G projects.

The time frames listed for these activities are best estimates, but may be revised if circumstances change. 

Ongoing Work

May 2024-January 2025:

Flint Center Demolition Project

  • Activity: Contractors will begin installing fencing around the Flint Center site and Parking Lot J on May 2, as a preliminary step for Flint Center demolition work. 
  • Location: Flint Center and Lot J
  • Impact: Lot J is expected to be unavailable for parking from May 2, 2024 through January 2025

Past Activities

Monday-Tuesday, June 17-18: Elevators Offline in Baldwin, A1 and A3

  • Activity: Contractors will be working on building management systems around the Flint Center
  • Location: Area near Baldwin Winery, A1 and A3 buildings
  • Impact: Elevators may be out of service temporarily

Tuesday-Thursday, June 4-6: Tree Removal on East Side of Flint Center

  • Activity: Contractors will use a large crane to remove trees so they don't become unstable or pose a safety hazard during work planned in coming months.
  • Location: East side of the Flint Center, near Building A-9
  • Impact: No closures of buildings or walkways are expected

Friday, May 31, 2024: Power Shut-Off for A Quad, Flint Garage

  • Activity: Contractors will be working with power connections to Flint Center and adjacent sites
  • Location: A Quad, Flint Garage, A-8 facilities plant
  • Impact: Power to the affected areas may be turned off for about six hours, from 7 a.m.-1 p.m.

Feb. 7-14, 2024: Haz Mat Survey for Wi-Fi Expansion Project

  • Activity: A district contractor will be conducting a survey for hazardous materials in campus buildings to support Phase 1 of the Wi-Fi expansion project.
  • Location: Buildings include Campus Center, MLC, ADM, Flint Garage, Forum, PE1, PE2, PE 6, L2, L6, L7, MCC, VPAC, S1, S3, S4, S7, S8, SC1, SC2, SC3, CDC2, CDC 3, Kirsch Center
  • Impact: No disruption is expected
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