Measure G Task Force

The new Measure G task force has begun work this spring with members representing students, classified professionals, faculty and administrators from relevant areas. The task force was established by College Council to develop a process and recommendations for moving forward on the Measure G “megaproject” and how to spend funds available to De Anza.

Task Force Documents

Task force members include:


  • Isabel Caballero-Teixeira
  • Amy Huang (through end of spring)
  • Isaac Tsang

Classified Professionals

  • Tina Lockwood, Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment Coordinator, College Operations
  • Dennis Shannakian, Student Activities Coordinator, College Life
  • Alyssa VanZandt, Laboratory Technician, Creative Arts

Faculty Members

  • Shagundeep Kaur, Instructor, Communication Studies
  • Marco Marquez, Instructor, Graphic Design
  • Hyon Chu Yi-Baker, Faculty Director, College Life


  • Jennifer Mahato, Director, College Operations
  • Michele LeBleu-Burns, Dean, Student Development and EOPS
  • Daniel Smith, Dean, Creative Arts

Budget Information

  • Pam Grey, Vice President, Administrative Services
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