Field Trip Calendar

Availability & Schedule: The Planetarium is closed during school holidays and breaks. Sorry—no field trips can be scheduled for evenings or weekends.

  • On dates and times that are marked “Open - Virtual Field Trip” or "FIELD TRIP OPEN," you may reserve that time for your group’s choice of show. You’ll find current options for shows here.
  • On dates that are marked with a show title, please click on the title for more information.
  • During the school year (through June 2022), you may schedule a virtual field trip show on any regular school day at available times: 9 (virtual field trips only), 10, and 11:30 a.m., Monday through Friday.

Event Capacity: Each virtual field trip reservation is open to 100 guests. For in-person field trips, the Planetarium can seat up to 139 guests. 

To Reserve Any Field Trip: Please reserve two weeks or more in advance to ensure preferred date and time availability. Please use the link here to register for virtual field trips or here to register for an in-person field trip, then allow 48 hours for response.

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