About the De Anza Planetarium

Our immersive theater has a 50-foot domed screen, 139 seats, and a digital 6.2 surround sound system.

The Planetarium uses a hybrid projection system to create an accurate model of the sky and the Universe beyond. Our Konica-Minolta Infinium S Star Projector was the first of its class to be installed in North America. It shows the night sky from anywhere on Earth with pinpoint precision, scintillating stars, and a gorgeous, natural-looking Milky Way.

We complement the Infinium with a 4K digital projection system running DigitalSky2 from Sky-Skan, Inc., which allows us to overlay images and video anywhere on the dome and to fly around scientifically accurate 3D models of planets, stars, galaxies, and other celestial objects. Together, these two systems transform the Planetarium into a simulator of the Universe.

The Planetarium is shared by the Astronomy Department and the Community Education Division at De Anza College. As a classroom, it serves more than 2,700 students each year. De Anza’s Astronomy program is the largest in the California community college system.

In addition, more than 35,000 community members—including students from preschool through high school—attend astronomy shows, laser shows, live presentations, and live music shows at the Planetarium each year.

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