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Mentor Roles and Responsibilities

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is my role as a mentor?
A. Students look up to mentors as role models of academic and professional success. Mentors are asked to be supportive, encouraging and motivating. The primary function of the mentor/student relationship is to let the students know that there is a caring, supportive person who is willing to listen to them, share experiences and offer encouragement. Students also look to mentors for guidance in the arenas of professional and career exploration.

Q. As a Puente mentor, what kind of time commitment would I have to make?
Puente asks the mentors to donate 4-6 hours per quarter. These hours are met through mentor/student workshops two per quarter, email and/or in person meetings. In addition, first time and/or returning mentors are asked to attend a mentor-training workshop that will assist them in developing a successful relationship with their student. At the end of the academic year, Puente provides an End of the Year Celebration, acknowledging the students, mentors, and families for their support to a successful year. All activities are important to attend.

For the student, the completed mentor/student time are given points for their grade in Human Development class. Students are also given English assignments that require the student to meet with their mentor to complete the assignments.

Q. How are the mentor/student matches made?
Students and mentors are match by gender, interests, by personalities, or by living location and whenever possible sometimes by major. However, most students change their major choice two to three times. Some students are attending the community college because they are undecided.

Q. How long am I committing myself to the program?
Mentor commitments are for three quarters. Mentors are asked at the beginning of the following academic year if they intend to recommit for the following three quarter. It is important for the mentor to reevaluate his or her own personal commitments before committing time to the Puente student. If you need to take time off consider returning the following academic year. We will always need dynamic and caring mentors to be involved with Puente.

Interim Puente Counselor & Co-Coordinator
Yolanda Johnson
Phone: 408.864.8894

Puente English Instructor & Co-Coordinator
Lydia Hearn
Phone: 408.864.5785

Last Updated: 9/30/12