Student Survey for Fall 2021

Survey Administration

  • Sent to 15,522 students with a valid email address
  • Administered May 19-24, personalized by first name, via initial and reminder emails
  • Approximately 3-minute survey; branched by response
  • 3,942 responses for a 25% response rate

Questions and Responses

Next Steps

  • Analyze ‘Other’ responses.
  • Analyze responses to:
    • Do you have any comments, concerns or feedback about the upcoming fall quarter that you would like to share with us?
  • Contact the 126 students who provided their information in response to the question:
    • We're here to help! If you would like any assistance from De Anza College, please provide your email address and describe your issue in a few words. (For example, you can write "financial aid," "academic counseling," "access to a computer" or something else.) We'll make sure someone follows up with you.
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