MSI Process and Examples

The MSI (Master Schedule Input) form is used by the Scheduling Office to add, cancel or make changes to a section. The Scheduling Timeline determines if you need to complete and MSI form.

MSI Process

  1. Complete all required details on the MSI form.
  2. Forward to your division dean for approval.
  3. Division dean emails the approved MSI form to

MSI Examples


When does an MSI form need to be completed?

The dates on the Scheduling Timeline determine when and what types of changes are accepted on an MSI. Please follow these guidelines:

  • Between when Banner is closed for room resolutions and proofing, Banner will be completely closed. Any changes needed during this short time need to be made during proofing or by contacting the Scheduling Coordinator directly.
  • After the "Proofing of Schedule" dates, Banner will be open for instructor changes and seat count changes ONLY. All other changes require an MSI.
  • After the "Banner CLOSES for Payroll Contract Processing" date, Banner will be open for seat count changes ONLY. All other changes require an MSI.

Why does the Scheduling Office close off Banner?

The first close date of Banner is for room resolutions. This will ensure that all sections have rooms and no sections are double-booked. The second close date for Banner is to run faculty contracts. Since faculty contracts are run only once, this will ensure that the Campus Payroll Office (to run a new contract) is notified appropriately when faculty changes are made.

What is the process for an extended sick leave?

  1. Faculty on sick leave must have completed and submitted the necessary District paperwork (Medical Certificate Form).
  2. Complete an MSI to:
    • Reassign the section to another faculty. Be sure to edit the dates to indicate when the new instructor started teaching.
    • Create a new 994 assignment (Faculty Medical/Sick Leave) for the sick leave dates.
    • For an example of a sick leave MSI, check above in the MSI examples area.

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