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Instructional Method Code (Modality) 10/20/23 Zoom Recoding Workshop #1

Workshop #1 Document

Accessing SSB9

Instructional Method Code: This workshop covers the various instructional method codes (aka modality) that a class could have, such as IP (In-Person), O1 (Online with some wkly in-person), O2 (Online with in-person exams), OS (Fully online synchronous), OA (Fully online asynchronous), and OC (Fully online, synchronous and asynchronous), and HB (In-person with some weekly online).  Instructional method code is not reported to the state, but it is available as a query option in SSB9. 

MSI Form

11/3/23 Zoom Recording Workshop #2 Workshop #2 Document

MSI Form: This workshop covers the MSI processes and how to appropriately complete the form based on the desired changes. Proper completion of the MSI form will expediate processing time and mitigate confusion and mistakes.

11/17/23  Zoom Recording Workshop #3 Workshop #3 Document

SIAASGN Screen: This workshop covers Banner SIAASGN screen. What fields to complete for each assignment type. What contract type to use. How to calculate and split load if the class has multiple meeting lines.

Attendance Accounting Method

12/8/23 Zoom Recording Workshop #4 Workshop #4 Document

Attendance Accounting Method: This workshop covers the attendance account method for each class modality.  This code is found on the first block of SSASECT. The code determines the formula that will be used to calculate the class total contact hours, incorrect attendance method code can cause over or under collection of hours.

*Workshop/training materials and recordings are for De Anza College usage only, please do not share with outside organizations.

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