Faculty Leaders 2009 - Fall 2011

Liaisons of 2009 - 2011 will continue to coach their constituents in all aspects of the SLO Assessment Cycle (SLOAC). Encouraging the understanding, implementation, and documentation of all aspects of the SLOAC.

Faculty Liaisons Spring 2010 - Fall 2011

Division Name e-mail
Social Science & Humanities LaQuisha Beckum (Spring 2010) beckumlaquisha@fhda.edu
Student Services Robert Clem clemrob@fhda.edu
Biology, Health Cassie Hanna hannacassie@fhda.edu
Business and Computer Systems Bryon Lilly lillybryon@fhda.edu
Creative Arts Warren Lucas lucaswarren@deanza.edu

Physical Education

Rachel Pacheco pachecorachel@fhda.edu
Social Science & Humanities Toño Ramirez ramireztono@fhda.edu
Biology, Health Jeff Schinske schinskejeff@fhda.edu
Social Science & Humanities Li Wei Sun sunliwei@fhda.edu

Manufacturing & Design


Mike Appio appiomichael@fhda.edu
Adapted PE Mary Bennett bennettmary@deanza.edu
Library Lena Chang changlena@deanza.edu
Intercultural Studies Mae Lee leemae@deanza.edu
Intercultural Studies Hua-Fu Liu liuhuafu@deanza.edu
Intercultural Studies Carmen Lizardi-Folley (Spring 2010) lizardifolleycarmen@deanza.edu
Biology Anita Muthyala-Kandula muthyalakandulaanita@deanza.edu
Creative Arts Eugene Rodriguez rodriguezeugene@deanza.edu

Faculty Leaders 2009 - 2010

More than 25 faculty members in divisions through the college have been trained and can assist in understanding the process of writing Student Learning Outcomes related to curriculum. Please click here for contact information: Faculty Liaisons.

Who are Faculty SLO Division Liaisons?

Faculty SLO Division Liaisons (two-three faculty per division) will serve as resource persons for the next phase (Spring 2009 through Fall 2009) of De Anza's student learning outcomes efforts. Learning outcomes are based on discipline-specific curricula, so it is important to have input from discipline experts as we develop and create a college-wide process for assessing student learning outcomes.

Under the guidance and support of the College's SLO Leadership Team, liaisons will work collaboratively with faculty in their division to better understand course-level outcomes and consider assessment of those outcomes. The goal of the liaison activities (see below for specifics) is to do the following:

  • Guide colleagues in writing course-level student learning outcomes
  • Facilitate discussions with colleagues on different models of assessment appropriate to their disciplines
  • Participate in a pilot project to assess course-level outcomes

Faculty SLO Division Liaisons will do the following:

  • Attend training workshop on March 11, 2009 (see reverse) - 4 hours
  • Write SLO's for one course (W09) - 1 hour
  • Conduct one 2-hour SLO workshop for their division and facilitate the writing of course SLO's by division faculty (Sp09) - 2 hours prep + 2 hours facilitation
  • Participate in a pilot project to assess course outcomes (Sp09) - 4 hours
  • Meet with SLO leaders to discuss assessment process and results (Sp09) - 2 hours 
  • Present and discuss assessment results with faculty colleagues (F09) - 2 hours
  • Serve as resource person for faculty - approximately 7 hours

Total time commitment = approximately 24 hours

NOTE: Liaisons will enroll in SOSC 78W for 1 unit of credit (to qualify for PGA credit)

For a preview of activities that the college has done relative to SLOs go to archive documents

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