First year: Spanish 1, 2, and 3

Mosaicos: Spanish as a World Language- 7th Edition.

Spanish 1

Chapter "Preliminary- Chapter 4

Spanish 2

Chapters 5-9

Spanish 3

Chapters 10-15

Required Materials

Mosaicos Textbook

Mosaicos Book ImageLOOSE-LEAF, 7th Edition 

(Capítulo Preliminar - Capítulo 15) 

  • ISBN: 9780133906769
  • Entire Mosaicos textbook (both in print and eBook formats) plus MySpanishLab (24-month webcode access)

HARDBOUND, 7th Edition  

(Capítulo Preliminar - Capítulo 15) 

  • ISBN: 9780133817829
  • Entire Mosaicos textbook (both in print and eBook formats) plus MySpanishLab (24-month webcode access)

Mosaicos authors: 

  • Matilde Olivella Castells, (Emerita) California State University, Los Angeles
  • Elizabeth E. Guzmán, University of Iowa
  • Paloma E. Lapuerta, Central Connecticut State University
  • Judith E. Liskin-Gasparro, University of Iowa

The textbook can be purchased from the De Anza Bookstore or directly from the publisher (Pearson)

MySpanishLab Web Access Code

This required textbook companion website, included in all new copies of Mosaicos, enhances your learning experience by providing listening practice, pronunciation practice with the option of self-recording, extra written exercises with immediate corrective feedback, grammar tutorials, highly interactive study aids for grammar and vocabulary (e.g., audio flashcards, puzzles), and cultural videos (which some instructors play in class and include in chapter tests.) 

  • Assigned MySpanishLab exercises count towards your homework grade.

If you plan to buy a USED book that does not provide access to MySpanishLab, please make sure you purchase a "stand-alone" MySpanishLab code from the publisher. 

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