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 Energy and Facility Management / Building Science

Facility and Sustainable Building Management 

An Innovative Educational and Career Path Opportunity Leading the Way for an Entire Industry and Over 20 Community Colleges in California !

De Anza has the first and ONLY State Accredited Facility Management Degree Program In the California Community College System   pdf


Another Reason Why De Anza College Is Your Best Facility Management Educational and Career Pathway Option!

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Earn a Globally Recognized Facility Management Industry Credential as a Student in our Program! Click here for more info

 If you're not in our geographic service area, earn your Facility and Sustainable Building Certificate ONLINE! - Our REQUIRED COURSES are offered online at least once each academic year! Take advantage of our exclusive energy efficiency and sustainable building courses. They will differentiate you in the workplace!


Our Facility and Sustainable Building Management (FSBM) AS Degree features an interdisciplinary curriculum focused on the BUSINESS aspects of making buildings more efficient. Our FM program covers what are considered the "11 Core Competencies" required of Facility Management and Building professionals. Our program is comprised of curriculum addressing energy efficient and sustainable buildings, building systems, environmental health and safety, business operations, finance, workplace communication and ethics, and real estate principles.

Work-based learning and interpersonal skill development will also be key components of our program. Courses from De Anza's Business, Accounting, Computer Science, Real Estate, and Energy Management and Building Science programs will provide students with a well-rounded educational experience that will prepare them for well paid careers in Facility / Sustainable Building Management.

The De Anza College FSBM Curriculum is closely aligned with the topic areas addressed in many FM Industry Professional credential programs!

What Does A Facility Manager Do?

A lot of different things! It may have one of the most broadly defined job descriptions of any career path. FMs NEVER have a dull moment! It is a very cross functional job that gets involved in managing ALL aspects of facility and building / business operations.

Facility Management Job Description:

"A Facility Manager is a building maintenance specialist and property administrator who conducts building operations and maintenance activities, coordinates facility programs and projects, and supervises building personnel; by inspecting the facility, analyzing building data, forecasting future needs, solving problems, and communicating with others; to ensure the efficient and sustainable operations of the facility and the satisfaction of the facility occupants".

FM is a career that encompasses an understanding of the built environment, sustainable buildings  and business operations functions. These careers pay very well. Starting salaries with a two year AS degree range from $60K- $75K depending on the job function!

Curriculum That Will Set You Apart From The Rest!

Our FSBM degree offering has many differentiating qualities ONLY found at De Anza College! No other Community College in California offers the same breadth of educational courses. Our program provides the the most holistic, complete, and in depth educational curriculum addressing EVERY ONE of the 11 Core Competencies- requirements and skill sets that are critical in the role of a successful facility or building management professional:

  • Sustainable, Energy Efficient and Green Buildings
  • LEED and Building Code Compliance
  • Building Automation / Building Systems
  • Environmental Health and Safety
  • Business
  • Accounting
  • Real Estate
  • Computer Science and Networking (IoT)
  • Facility Management
  • Business and Workplace Ethics
  • Business Communications
  • Program and Project Management
  • Supervisory Management
  • Leadership

An Industry In Need Of Well-Trained New Talent

In the next 15 Years, 50% of all existing Facility and Building Management professionals will retire. The average age of an FM is roughly 49 years old. In California, there is a demand for roughly 6,000 qualified FM Professionals and a supply of less than 50.

As a result,the Facility Management Industry approached the Foundation for California Community Colleges to address their labor market shortage. De Anza College is leading the way for other colleges in the California Community College System as the first to offer a two year degree in Facility Management

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