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Advanced Energy jobs in CA

The Advanced Energy industry is growing SIX TIMES faster than the California economy. California jobs in energy efficient buildings, facility management and advanced energy generation will account for over 500,000 jobs at 43,000 companies this year. Jobs in these segments grew 23 percent last year and will increase by an additional 8 percent this year! The majority of new jobs and careers will be in facility management,making buildings more sustainable and energy efficient, and advanced energy generation. Those are the fields we teach at De Anza. 

Advanced Energy jobs by segment

Facility And Sustainable Building Management

Consider how many buildings there are around the world. Someone needs to effectively manage all of those buildings. Job surveys and research show that that 30-50% of practicing facility managers will retire within the next decade.

The De Anza Energy and Facility Management / Building Science Program helps prepare next generation workers for well paid, sustainable and fast growing careers in sustainable building management, building energy efficiency, and the facility management industries.

Look for a new course offering, ES 69A- Introduction to Facilities Management, as part of our brand new Facility and Sustainable Building Management (FSBM) curriculum and two-year degree, starting in fall 2017. 

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