Real-World Experience

We offer a number of Internship opportunities that allow students to experience actual on-the-job Energy Management projects as part of their education. Students have helped businesses become "Green Certified," helped the city of Sunnyvale measure and assess LED Streetlight vendors and contribute to the city's Climate Action Plan, entered clean and green tech entrepreneurial ideas and solutions into the Clean Tech Open competition, and assisted in the design and installation of solar energy systems on more than 38 residential homes, the Wildlife Associates Building in Half Moon Bay and the Sunnyvale Heritage Park Museum.

Sunwork internship

Extending Learning Opportunities Outside of the Classroom

Part of learning is actually doing! We continue to look for opportunities that allow students to learn in various ways. Our internships provide students the ability to actually experience career paths or interests as part of their educational goals. Students can earn transferable academic credit for internship service- contact your instructor for more details. Internships look great on your resume' or four year school transfer application.They also allow students to make contacts with Industry experts who are looking to hire new employees.

Sunwork Internship 2

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