List of Projects for 2005-2006

 Major De Anza Research Projects

# Project Title Date Link
01 Enrollment Management Meeting Notes 28-Jul-05 Notes pdf
02 End of Summer 2005 Enrollment Observations 01-Aug-05 Notes pdf
03 High School Graduate Draw 03-Aug-05 Stats pdf
04 Where De Anza Employees Live 08-Aug-05 Stats pdf
05 2005 Drop for NonPayment Simulation Report 09-Aug-05 Stats pdf
06 De Anza 03-04 UC/CSU Transfer Institutions 09-Aug-05 Stats pdf
07 2005 CC Weekly Top 100 Degrees Report 09-Aug-05 Stats pdf
08 04-05 YE Expenditures by Function, FHDA Colleges 09-Aug-05 Stats pdf
09 2004-05 Plus Minus Grading Pilot 24-Aug-05 Stats pdf
10 2006 AIR Proposal on Financial Aid Participation 15-Sep-05 Stats pdf
11 1999-2004 De Anza Course Equity Graphs 23-Sep-05 Graphs pdf
12 2003-05 De Anza International Student Report 12-Oct-05 Report pdf
13 2003-05 Foothill International Student Report 12-Oct-05 Report pdf
14 Fall 2004-05 Estimated Nonresident Tuition Census 12-Oct-05 Stats pdf
15 Fall 2003-05 FHDA International Student Report 12-Oct-05 Report pdf
16 2004-05 De Anza College Credit Courses Enrollment 20-Oct-05 Stats pdf
17 Fall 2005 Noel-Levitz Dropout Proneness 21-Oct-05 Stats pdf
18 Fall 2005 Noel-Levitz Summary & Planning Report 21-Oct-05 Report pdf
19 Spring 05 Enrolled Courses before PSYCH1/SPCH10 21-Oct-05 Results pdf
20 New Faculty Hires by Ethnicity 25-Oct-05 Notes pdf
21 2003-05 Student Financial Aid Trends 31-Oct-05 Notes pdf
22 2002-05 CD 51 Enrollment Trends 31-Oct-05 Stats pdf
23 Fall 2005 Drop For Nonpayment Summary 04-Nov-05 Notes pdf
24 2004-05 Census Enrollment Trends 08-Nov-05 Notes pdf
25 2004-05 FHDA Financial Aid Yearly Comparison Q1 15-Nov-05 Stats pdf
26 2004-05 Concurrent EWRT/PHIL Course Enrollment 16-Nov-05 Stats pdf
27 2004-05 De Anza Course Grade Distributions 16-Nov-05 Stats pdf
28 02-04 ESJ Students Enrolled at a Community College 18-Nov-05 Notes pdf
29 2004-05 English Course Enrollment 30-Jan-06 Stats pdf
30 De Anza Majors Enrolled Census 18-Nov-05 Stats pdf
31 Fall 2004 De Anza Part-Time Faculty Headcount 18-Nov-05 Stats pdf
32 Fall 2001 Cohort of De Anza Transfer Students 21-Nov-05 Stats pdf
33 IRS Data by Zip Code 23-Nov-05 Stats pdf
34 2004-05 Distance Learning Demographics 02-Dec-05 Report pdf
35 Fall 2005 Creative Arts Division Employees 19-Dec-05 Stats pdf
36 2003-05 Enrollments in Distance Learning Report 20-Dec-05 Report pdf
37 Getting Started Listserve Outcomes 04-Jan-06 Notes pdf
38 Fall 2004 & 2005 Foothill Campus Section Schedule 04-Jan-06 Stats pdf
39 2004-05 Scheduling and Registration System Report 09-Jan-06 Report pdf
40 2004-05 CIS Course Grade Distributions 09-Jan-06 Stats pdf
41 Winter 2006 De Anza College Students by Zip Code 20-Jan-06 Stats pdf
42 Fall 2004 to Winter 2006 LinC Concurrent 30-Jan-06 Data xls
43 2004-05 OTI Students by Gender, Age, & Ethnicity 30-Jan-06 Stats pdf
44 Review of Plus/Minus Grading Pilot 30-Jan-06 Stats doc
45 2003-05 De Anza Transfer Students Enrolled at SJSU 02-May-05 Notes pdf
46 2001-05 Puente English Course Section Comparison 09-Feb-06 Stats pdf
47 EWRT100B & LART100 Grades (W.A.T.) 23-Feb-06 Stats pdf
48 2003-05 FHDA Transfer Students Enrolled at SJSU 27-Feb-06 Graph pdf
49 2005-06 FHDA Financial Aid Yearly Comparison Q2 28-Feb-06 Stats pdf
50 Winter 2006 CIS Student Survey 14-Mar-06 Stats pdf
51 2003-06 DA BIOL/ES/ESCI Enrollment Trends 16-Mar-06 Stats pdf
52 Winter 2006 LinC Survey 24-Mar-06 Stats pdf
53 Winter 2006 EnableMath Survey 27-Mar-06 Stats pdf
54 Winter 2006 Aid Survey 31-Mar-06 Stats pdf
55 Fall 2005 Pre-Collegiate Mathemathics Pilot 11-Apr-06 PPT ppt
56 Spring 2006 Nursing Program Survey 20-Apr-06 Stats pdf
57 April 2005 De Anza Nursing Career Survey 25-Apr-06 Stats pdf
58 Equity For All Collaboration 25-Apr-06 Report pdf
59 Winter 2005-06 FHDA International Student Report 26-Apr-06 Report pdf
60 2004-06 De Anza Paralegal Program Enrollment 01-May-06 Stats pdf
61 Fall 2005 & Winter 2006 Noel-Levitz Summary Report 03-May-06 Report pdf
62 The Case for Change: Strategic Planning Presentation 12-May-06 PPT ppt
63 2006 AIR Proposal on Financial Aid Participation 16-May-06 PPT ppt
64 Community College Financial Aid Outreach 18-May-06 PPT ppt
65 05-06 DA Special Admit Fulltime Equivalent Students 19-May-06 Stats xls
66 2005-06 FHDA Financial Aid Yearly Comparison Q3 25-May-06 Stats pdf
67 2003-06 FHDA Estimated NonResident Tuition 26-May-06 Stats pdf
68 Presentation of 2004-05 Graduate Survey 05-Jun-06 PPT ppt
69 Spring 2006 Graduate Survey 06-Jun-06 Stats pdf
70 Equity For All Collaboration Presentation 08-Jun-06 PPT ppt
71 Biology 6A Advisory 09-Jun-06 Report doc
72 Importance of Participation in Planning 13-Jun-06 Notes doc
73 Fall 2005 Cupertino Residents at De Anza 21-Jun-06 Stats pdf
74 State of the College Annual Report 2005-06 22-Jun-06 Report pdf
75 Noel Levitz Fall 2005 Student and Employee Surveys 30-Jun-06 Analysis  doc
76 State of the College Related Information 11-Jul-06 Stats link
77 EWRT1A for Non-Native Speakers 21-Mar-05 Stats pdf
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