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We're training the workforce of the future to be stewards of the built environment, while improving the energy efficiency and sustainability of buildings. 

Program Focus

Our Energy Management and Building Science Degree Program focuses on the technical aspects of making buildings sustainable and energy efficient. Buildings are one of the main sources of energy use, energy cost and energy waste. Urbanization is placing pressure on our cities, buildings, infrastructure and workplaces.

In the next 15 years, there will be 41 cities in the world with over 10 million people inhabiting them. With this explosion in population comes environmental challenges in the built environment. The more energy we use, especially from traditional, fossil fuel base sources, the more environmental issues we create.

Energy and other critical resources will be in short supply based on these trends. At the current rate, we would need an increase in energy production of 45% in the next decade to service the projected increase in demand. Generating energy from traditional non-renewable sources, such as fossil fuels increases greenhouse gases which has a negative impact on climate change. Our options are to cut back on energy use by being more efficient and to offset the energy we use by implementing and adopting cleaner forms of energy such as solar, wind and fuel cells.

In the United States, we waste 84 percent of the energy available to us at a cost of roughly $300 billion each year. Companies pay well for employees who can identify and implement solutions that help reduce energy costs and eliminate sources of energy waste. We train you to not only make buildings more efficient, but to build a business case for sustainable building ROI that will make decision makers say "YES". In many way. Saving a watt saves a lot!

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