Our Central Coast Wildlife Corridor Stewardship Team will be surveying the Salinas River corridor, Pajaro River drainage, San Benito corridor, Highway 17 corridor, Pacheco Pass corridor, Diablo Range corridor and Diablo Range/Temblor Mts corridor into Carrizo Plains corridor over the next 50 years.

Students are assessing the feasibility of creating a Coyote Valley National Monument including an Ohlone Cultural History Center and Natural Science Museum and Education Center. This is an effort to protect this critical area for future generations by forging a "partnership for the future" linking wildlife needs, the cultural heritage of Coyote Valley and educational opportunities. Our instructors, mentors and interns are learning about the historical and present oversight of this area from the Native American tribal leaders and descendants of Coyote Valley.

This partnership envisions the creation of an Ohlone Cultural History Center, within Coyote Valley, honoring and protecting the Ohlone sacred sites as well as a Coyote Valley Natural Science Museum and Education Center to educate our community and millions of ecotourists about the Coyote Valley Ecological Area (CVEA).

Coyote Valley is critical to the youth and community of San Jose — serving as a gateway to reconnect our children with nature. Over 40% of De Anza's students live in San Jose.

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