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Background: Major Sources of Environmental Jobs

Environmental job opportunities range far and wide, both in the nature of the work as well as who offers those opportunities. In terms of the latter, the main sources of environmental jobs are as follows:

  • Government (Federal/State/Local): Including regulatory agencies (USEPA, BAAQMD, etc.), natural resource management agencies (US Fish & Wildlife Service, California State Parks, etc.), and city/county entities (Env. Services Depts, Health Depts, Public Works Depts, Parks Depts, etc.)
  • Utilities (Water/Energy), Waste Mgmt/Recycling Firms, & Mass Transit Agencies: Both public (gov’t owned/operated) and private entities, such as San Jose Water Company, PG&E, Recology, and BART.
  • Professional Service Firms (Consulting/Design, Construction/Remediation): From very small, one-office, locally-focused firms (like a local construction company) to huge, 500+ office operations working internationally with 50,000+ employees (like AECOM & Bechtel).
  • Non-Profits (International/National/State/Local-Focused): From small, narrowly-focused entities (like Guadalupe River Park Conservancy & Friends of the Sea Otter) to large, broadly-focused national/international entities (line Sierra Club & Conservation International).
  • Green Product or Service Businesses/Manufacturers: From environmentally-friendly dry cleaners to solar panel manufacturers, opportunities exist in virtually every business/industry sector now.
  • Educational Institutions/Entities: Encompassing both formal education (K-12, college, vocational training) and informal (outdoor education, parks, zoos, aquariums & nature centers, non-profit educational programs, nature expeditions, etc.).

Provided below are both general and specific resources for finding “green” jobs from the above sources of such jobs.
Best of luck in your job hunt!!

DeAnza CTE Job and Career Services

DeAnza CTE Job and Career Services: De Anza uses the College Central Network (CCN) as its official job and resume posting service. Local employers post jobs to our school via the CCN site. Students and alumni can create an account profile at to:

  • Search and apply for local and national full-time, part-time and internship job opportunities
  • Create and upload a resume and career portfolio that is then made available to employers

Additionally, users can access event announcements for job fairs, career advice documents, podcasts, videos and articles at the CCN site.

General Job Websites

Environmentally-Focused Job Websites

Government (Federal/State/Local) Job Boards

Utilities (Water/Energy), Waste Mgmt/Recycling Firms, & Mass Transit Agency Job Boards

Professional Environmental Service Firm Listings
(Consulting/Design Firms, Construction/Remediation Firms, etc.)

Click here to access the following listings with links provided to the firms websites:

  • Notable Professional Environmental Service Firms With Offices In The Bay Area
  • Top 200 Professional Environmental Service Firms Nationwide/Internationally

Environmental Non-Profit Organization Listings

Click here to access the following listings with links provided to the orgs websites:

  • Notable Local and State Environmental Non-Profit Organizations
  • Notable National Environmental Non-Profit Organizations

Environmental Education Job Boards

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