ESL 234 Low-Intermediate 

Updated 09/20/13



Title: Interactions 1

GrammarAuthor: Kirn, Elaine and Darcy Jack

ISBN-10: 0073406406; ISBN-13: 978-0073406404

Title: Interactions 1 Writing

Author: Pavlik, Cheryl and Margaret Segal

ISBN-10: 0073533858; ISBN-13: 978-0073533858

Title: Interactions 1 Listening/Speaking

Author: Baker, Lida, et al.

ISBN-10: 0072330635; ISBN-13: 978-0072330632

Title: Interactions 1 Reading

Author: Kirn, Elaine and Pamela Hartmann

ISBN-10: 0073138118; ISBN-13: 9780073138114Publisher: McGraw-Hill

Marianne Dahl recommends Interactions, but stated that “the fourth edition is much more advanced and difficult than the previous editions.” Valerie Ormeno agrees that the 4th edition of Interactions Reading is too advanced for 234. Alejandro Torres uses all four Interactions books. He says, “Excellent exercises, very good tapes, topics related to students own lives, up-to-date content, and great chapter quizzes.”



Title: Grammar in Context 1

Author: Elbaum, Sandra

ISBN-13: 9781424034826

Publisher: Heinle ELT

Marianne Dahl believes this teaches at the appropriate level.

Title: Focus on Grammar 2

Author: Schoenberg, Irene

ISBN-13: 9780131474802

Publisher: Pearson Longman

Mary Ellen is “quite happy” with this text.

Free MyEnglishLab codes available from George Hein in ATC 305.

Title: Grammar Sense 1

Author: Pavlik, Cheryl and Susan Kesner Bland

ISBN-13: 9780194366366

Publisher: Oxford

Iris Thot-Johnson uses this text for ESL 234 with great success. The students love the book and find it easy to understand. The form charts for the grammar are very user-friendly and not too jam-packed. Iris feels there are enough exercises to keep students busy both for homework and in class.

Title: Fundamentals of Academic Writing

Author: Butler, Linda

ISBN-13: 9780131995574

Publisher: Pearson Longman




Title: Connect with English Episodes 13-24

Video Comprehension Bk. 2

ISBN-13: 9780072927580

Grammar Guide Bk. 2

ISBN-13: 9780072927696

Conversation Bk. 2

ISBN-13: 9780072927658

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

Kathy Flores highly recommends the videos and readers. The content is accessible and interesting and creates good group discussion. She does not use the video comprehension books. It is available in the Open Media Lab. Videos are available online at:

Make sure your students know which episode to watch.

Title: Pearson English Interactive Level 2




An excellent video-based English learning software program that students can use anywhere with any device to improve their listening, speaking, pronunciation, pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary skills. Free MyEnglishLab codes available from George Hein in ATC 305.



Title: Reading for Today 2

Author: Smith, Lorraine and Nancy Nici Mare

ISBN-13: 9781413008098

Publisher: National Geographic Learning

This series is strongly recommended by Kathy Flores and Craig Norman.

Title: Active Skills for Reading 1

Author: Anderson, Neil J.

ISBN-13: 9781424001866

Publisher: Heinle ELT


Title: Weaving It Together 2: Connecting Reading and Writing, 3rd ed.

Author: Broukal, Milada

ISBN-13: 978-1-4240-5741-2

Publisher: Heinle Cengage Learning

Recommended by Valerie and Linda. Integrated reading, vocabulary and writing skills. Readings are both academic and of high-interest. Writing skills include paragraph form, clauses, coordinators and transition words.

Title: New Password 1 - A Reading & Vocabulary Text

Author: Butler, Linda

ISBN-13: 9780131111523

Publisher: Pearson Longman


Title: Read All About It Book 1

Author: Howard, Lori

ISBN-13: 9780194351966

Publisher: Oxford


Title: Connect with English Readers




These are a set of short novels based on the series Connect with English.

Title: Reading Explorer 1



Publisher: Heinle ELT



NorthStar Series Introductory – No copy, believed to be too low, not used by anyone. If copy is received, it will be evaluated for 200/234.

Fundamentals of English Grammar – Too difficult for this level

Grammar Express Basic – Too low, removed, no one using it

Get Ready to Write – Too low and simple

Write Ideas: a Beginning Writing Text – Moved to 244, good practice for organization and connecting sentence ideas together

Connect with English Book 1 Episodes 1-12 – Moved to 200, too easy

World Link – Meant for adult ed, not academics

Themes for Today – Moved to 200

Steps to Academic Reading – Not based on AWL

Reading Advantage 1 – Too simple and no AWL

Stories Worth Reading 1 – Not AWL, too simple

What a Life! (High Beginning) – Too low, not academic enough

At Home in Two Lands – NoT AWL, not academic enough

The Circuit - Too difficult, moved to 244

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