ESL 251 High-Intermediate Listening/Speaking

Updated 3/12/2019



Title: Lecture Ready 2

Author: Sarosy, Peg and Kathy Sherak

ISBN-13: 978-0194309684

Title: Lecture Ready 2 DVD

ISBN-13: 978-0194417112

Title: Lecture Ready 2 CD

ISBN-13: 978-0194309691

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Title: Northstar Listening and Speaking 4, 4th ed.

Author: Ferree, Tess and Kim Sanabria

ISBN-13: 978-0-13-428083-7 (Interactive Student Book with MyEnglishLab)

ISBN-13: 978-0-13-428080-6 (online book only with MyEnglishLab)

Publisher: Pearson

Authentic listening selections, mostly newscasts and interviews, on a variety of high-interest but academic topics. Interactive Student Book comes with MyEnglishLab, an online component that offers extra practice.

Title: Academic Encounters: Life in Society Book 3, 2nd ed.

Author: Sanabria, Kim

ISBN-13: 978-1-107-67314-4

Publisher: Cambridge, 2012

A highly academic book that focuses on listening, speaking, vocabulary, note-taking, and oral presentation skills.

Title: Q 3




Comes bundled with an online component. It’s a bit more costly than other options. 

Title: Talk it Through! 

Author: Kozyrev, Joann Rishel and Marni Baker

ISBN-13: 978-0395960721

Publisher: Heinle ELT


Title: Pearson English Interactive Level 4

 Some students say this is too easy for them. Free MyEnglishLab codes available from George Hein in ATC 305.

Title: Mosaic 1




Highly recommended by Alex, but not very academic according to Drew.


College Oral Communication 2 – too dense

Contemporary Topics 2 – too simple, not academic enough

Face the Issues – copy unavailable, can be addressed again in the future and evaluated

Four Points 1 – too dense

NorthStar 3 L/S - too easy

Tapestry 3 L/S -  copy unavailable (went missing from library), can be addressed again in the future

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