ESL 261 Low-Advanced Listening/Speaking

Updated 8/7/2015

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"**Please note: None of the texts on the list explicitly teach presentations. Please supplement presentation material.



Title: Academic Encounters Book 4, 2nd ed.

Author: Espeseth, Miriam

ISBN: 978-1-107-60298-4

Publisher: Cambridge, 2012

A highly academic book that focuses on listening, speaking, vocabulary, note-taking, and oral presentation skills. Lectures seem more authentic than other books. Comes with DVDs. Must be supplemented with pronunciation.

Title: Lecture Ready 3 w/ DVD

Author: Sarosy, Peg and Kathy Sherak

ISBN-13: 9780194417167

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Title: Quest 3 Listening and Speaking

Author: Blass, Laurie and Pamela Hartmann

ISBN-13: 9780073253312

Title: Quest 3 Audio Downloads (mp3)

ISBN-13: 9780077196288

Title: Quest 3 Video


Publisher: McGraw-Hill

Supplement note taking skills.

All lectures in video format only.

Title: Mosaic 2 w/ CD

Author: Hanreddy, Jami and Elizabeth Whalley

ISBN-13: 9780073332000

Publisher: McGraw-Hill


Title: Northstar Listening/Speaking 5, 4th ed.

Author: Preiss, Sherry

ISBN-13: 978-0133382143

Title: CD for classroom

ISBN-13: 9780132336734

Title: DVD for classroom

ISBN-13: 9780135058909

Publisher: Pearson, 2014.

Listenings (authentic interviews), vocabulary, and exercises are interesting and appropriate. However, there are no lectures or note-taking (no longer available in My English Lab either), so they must be supplemented. My English Lab is now included in the new edition (no access code needed). Comes with a classroom audio CD, Teacher Resource e-Text

Title: Q 4





Title: Four Points 1






Contemporary Topics 3 – too simple, not academic enough

Talk It Over – too simple, not academic enough


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