ESL 252 High-Intermediate Reading

Updated 8/29/2017

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Title: Reading for Today 4: Concepts, 4th ed.

Author: Smith, Lorraine and Nancy Nici Mare

ISBN-13: 9781305579996

Publisher: National Geographic Learning/ Heinle Cengage Learning, 2017

Good academic readings from various disciplines but no fiction or opinion pieces. Start out short but get progressively longer. Per Gretch Himes, the readings are interesting but difficult. Have to be discussed in detail in class for the students to really understand them. Exercises include reading comprehension, analysis, vocabulary in context, organization (graphic organizers, outlines), word forms, dictionary skills. Has a summary writing section but doesn'' teach strategies. No answer key in the student book. Instructor can order Audio CD and Assessment CD-ROM.

Title: Reading Explorer 4, 2nd ed.

Author: MacIntyre

ISBN-13: 978-1-285-84692-7

Publisher: Heinle ELT, 2015.

Per Pati Carobus and Andrea Lee, an excellent book. The diverse and current topics, phenomenal pictures, and great online supplemental activities make this a fun and engaging book for students. However, need to supplement with more comprehension questions, summary writing, connotative meaning.

Title: Impressions 2

Author: Benz, Cheryl and Steven Benz

ISBN-13: 9780618410279

Publisher: Heinle ELT, 2000.


Title: Inside Reading 2, 2nd ed.

Author: Zwier, Lawrence J.

ISBN-13: 978-0-19-441628-3

Publisher: Oxford, 2012.

Very good academic reading book, AWL based, teaches most skills in the course outline but not using context clues to guess meaning. Very good exercises on outlining and annotating readings. Can be a bit challenging for students.

Title: Longman Academic Reading Series 3

Author: Miller, Judy L. and Robert F. Cohen

ISBN-13: 978-0-13-276059-1

Publisher: Pearson, 2014.

Mostly nonfiction readings from a variety of academic disciplines, some fiction. Begin a bit easy but get progressively more difficult. Teaches most skills in the course outline, as well as annotating, critical thinking, and synthesizing readings but need to supplement summary writing, longer readings toward the end. Very good academic book, based on AWL. Teachers manual (includes answer keys and quizzes) available online.

Title: Q: Skills for Success 4 Reading & Writing

Author: Norloff, Charl, Debra Daise, and Paul Carne

ISBN-13: 978-0-19-475625-9

Publisher: Oxford University Press, 2011



Title: Dragon’s Gate

Author: Yep, Laurence

ISBN-13: 978-0064404891

In the 1800's, a young man in China gets in trouble with the local authorities and joins his father in America. There they face the many challenges of racism and deadly working conditions while building the railroad through the Sierras Nevadas. This book is accessible and captivating. --Gretchen Himes

Title: Great American Stories 2

Author: Draper, C.G.

ISBN-13: 978-0130619419


Title: Of Mice and Men

Author: Steinbeck, John

ISBN-13: 978-0142000670

Title: The ESL Reader’s Companion Guide to Of Mice and Men

Author: Butler, Linda

ISBN-13: 978-0070094277


Title: The Pearl

Author: Steinbeck, John

ISBN-13: 978-0142000694


Title: The Giver

Author: Lowry, Lois

ISBN-13: 978-0385732550

My students really enjoyed this book and had fun comparing the societies. Moreover, they enjoyed trying to justify what they thought would happen after the ending of the novel. --Michelle Marchiano

Title: Out of the Dust

Author: Hesse, Karen

ISBN-13: 978-0590371254


Title: Shadow of the Dragon

Author: Garland, Sherry

ISBN-13: 978-0152735326

A young Vietnamese immigrant tries to figure out his identity as he deals with love, gangs and family issues. This book is suspenseful and easy to relate to for students. --Gretchen Himes

Title: 20th Century Short Stories

Author: McConochie, Jean

ISBN-13: 978-0838448502


Title: The Diary of a Young Girl

Author: Frank, Anne

ISBN-13: 978-0307594006


Title: Funny in Farsi

Author: Dumas, Firoozeh



Title: Reaching Out

Author: Francisco Jimenez

ISBN-13: 978-0547250304

A sequel to Breaking Through and The Circuit.


Active Skills for Reading 4 – too short

American Perspectives – too easy

Choice Readings – too simple

College Vocab 3 – vocab only; not a primary text

For Your Information 4 – too short

Making Connections 3 - way too dense for an 11-week course, challenging readings

More Reading Power 3 - not enough long reading passages, doesn't teach enough reading comprehension, too much focus on skills based on very short reading passages

Mosaic 1 Reading – not AWL focused

Northstar 4 Reading and Writing – not enough readings

Reading for a Reason – not long enough

Reading Matters 3 – Dry

Rethinking America 2 - last revised in 1999 , information too outdated

Steps to Academic Reading 5 – not AWL

Tapestry Reading Book 3 – had other better choices

World Class Readings 3 – not challenging enough

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