General Meeting Information

Date: May 5, 2019
Time: 1:30 - 3:00 p.m.

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    1:30 - 1:45 p.m. Introduction: Conocimiento and Check In I Edmundo Norte
    1:45 - 1:50 p.m.

    Subcommittee Report:

    • DASB/ICC (Steffani Djuarsa, And Doan)
    • Equity Champion Award ( Erick Aragon, Hyon Chu Yi-Baker & Adriana Garcia)
    • Technology Advisory (Sandy Cordoza)
    • District Book Club
    • NCORE Conference
    I/D/A Representative
    1:50 - 2:00 p.m. District Diversity and Equity Advisory Committee I
    • Alicia Cortez
    • Karen Chow
    2:00 - 2:10 p.m.

    Student Voice in Governance

    • Melissa Aguilar
    • Rex Zhang
    2:10 - 2:35 p.m. Appreciative Inquiry by University of Utah Docotoral Student (Guest)


    • Edmundo Norte
    • Sean Crossland
    2:35 - 2:50 p.m. Updated Student Equity Plan Draft


    Alicia Cortez
    2:50 p.m. Announcements & Appreciations


    Eric Aragon

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes


     Officers: Alicia Cortez, Melissa Aguilar, Carmen Lizardi Folley, Daniel Acosta, Edmundo Norte,

     Guests: Angelica Esquivel, Sean Crossland, Steve Nava, Andrew Phelps, Cynthia Kaufman, Karen Hunter, Karen Chow, Rex Zhang, Adriana Garcia

    Meeting Notes

    Introduction: Conocimiento and Check In
    Subcommittee Reports
    1. DASB presented budget by the Board of Trustees. De Anza College decided to eliminate the student activities specialist position, and DASB decided to pick it up and will fund it. Some programs will be impacted. DASB eliminated categories and it allows more autonomy for each program to determine their own expense.
    2. Equity Champion Award: We were hoping to decide winners by this week but due to low capacity by committee we will decide by the week of May 19th. We will then be doing “spotlights” via photo and quotes from submission and then celebrate them on June 18, 2019 at the Equity Celebration.
    3. District Book Club: The book title is “Blindspot.” Tony co-facilitated the reading club with Laura Savage. Melissa, Alicia and Laura are thinking of projects as a way to promote equity on campus. We would like to see how to look at systems of oppressions dein the context of mental health. Folks can email Laura Savage with book recommendations at
    4. NCORE: About 20 people are going in May 27-June 1, 2019. We can invite them to do a report back at EAC. There is an intention and expectation that they are actually bringing that NCORE knowledge back to the campus

    DDEAC: District Diversity and Equity Advisory Committee
    1. DDEAC is part of the district wide participatory governance. They requested to have an EAC representative and Laura Savage is responsible for putting together the district plan and then report back to the state. The plan is to put all the procedures for a vote on the May 20th meeting, which is the third committee meeting thus far. Classified and Faculty procedures have already been approved. It is a desire to send the EEO plan to the Chancellor’s office.
    2. Recommendation made to update the DDEAC Website
    3. Next Steps will be to look at the process such as to
      1. clarify the membership and
      2. look at input and
      3. look into the policy in all three areas (faculty, classified, administrators).
      4. Next steps is DDEAC to meet on May 13th, 2019 130-3pm to provide feedback in time for the May 20th deadline. Alicia will send policy along with academic senate proposed changes tonight.

    Student Voices in Shared Governance
    • Please Refer to this document for reference
    • Shared Governance bodies changed their bylaws to include student voices. Students should be trained and prepared and have that understanding to actually participate in the process. It is an ongoing journey, so far we have presented at academic senate, classified senate, equity action council, and at the board of trustees. This allowed for the creation of a meaningful student representation.
    • Elias k Ahmed and Rex Zhang did a survey with DASB senators and representatives to expand the concept paper for “Student Voices in Shared Governance.15 out of 16 senators participated in the survey. Student senators responded they have an average of 10.5 DASB hours a week.
    • Current situation
      • Potential improvements
      • Reasons for absences
        Half the senators don't speak up
    • Next Steps
    • Added SLO outcomes and a commitment by DASB for next steps
    • Best practices in shared governance, cliff note sin transition in shared governance
    • Feedback can be provided by Tues May 13th. Rx ill present at DASB senate mtg on Wed May 15th at 3pm.

    Appreciative Inquiry by University of Utah Doctoral Student: Sean Crossland
    • “Appreciative Inquiry” is an underused method in research and is recently growing, specifically as a tool for educational organizational change
    • The 5 stages of appreciative inquiry-document are attached
      • Define, Destiny, Discover, Dream and Design
      • Sean is in the dream phase
    • The goal for dissertation is for the Fall 2019. Sean along with Angelica and students will write and contribute to the document
    • It will include an auto ethnographic process
    • “Dream” phase Input is as follows
      • Every employee and student leader in shared governance and knowing how to be involved in these bodies of decision making and looking at how to see more participation than what we currently have.
      • Place JMRR at the center of campus near campus dining services
      • Centralized information (resources, job listing)
      • Let underground railroad come above ground
      • Less silos
      • More collaboration and more support of each other,
      • Make De Anza a more vibrant, loving, fun place to be
      • Decolonizing institution
      • Have De Anza be inclusive of our dreams and our goals and our projects
      • Every student that comes to De Anza develops an intellective, having skills to make change in the world, transform their lives in service and to serve our individual and collective interest
      • currently the default is to defend and deflect but instead should be willing to reflect and honor feedback and perspectives
      • Longer meetings to bring democracy alive
      • Co-opt model for the school that has people that teach and learn -
      • We need to morph, do more self-reflection,
      • Bringing community to the college
      • Change the language
      • Talking circle style meetings

    Updated Student Equity Plan Draft - Tabled
     Announcements and Appreciations
    1. Student Voices for Wed. May 15, 2019 2-5pm @ Conf Rm A + B
    2. Carolyn Forche is interested to coming to Silicon Valley and can be contacted at
    3. DALA raffle tickets for 25th Annual Latinx Ceremony, $10 a tx, fundraising goal for $25K in scholarships. Prizes include apple watch, a sewing machine, gift baskets, and a lunch with Christina,and much more.

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