General Meeting Information

Date: March 11, 2020
Time: 1:30 p.m. - 3 p.m.

  • Agenda

    Time Topic Purpose Discussion Leader
    1:30 p.m. Introduction: Welcome and Conocimiento I/D Alicia Cortez
    1:45 p.m. SEA Funding Update I/D/A Tony Santa Ana
    2 p.m. Guided Pathways I/D Lydia Hearn and Kim Palmore
    2:30 p.m. Enrollment Update for Tuition Waiver I/D Nazy Galoyan
    2:45 p.m.

    Subcommittee Reports:

    • DASB/ICC
    • Equity Champion Award 
    • Technology Advisory
    • Police Chief Advisory Update


    Committee Members
    2:50 p.m.


    2:55 p.m.



    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information

  • Minutes


    Present: Melissa Aguilar, Angelica Esquivel Moreno, Thien Nga Nguyen, Deborah Taylor, Carmen Lizardi Folley, Sandy Cardoza, Mylinh Pham

    Guests: Andrew Phelps, Cynthia Kaufman, Jennifer Garcia, Adriana Garcia, Tony Santa Ana, Lydia Hearn, Kim Palmore

    Absent: Daniel Acosta, Edmundo Norte, Alicia Cortez

    Meeting Items


    Icebreaker Prompt w/group sharing: What do you remember about dignity? (Who treated with you dignity? Who did you treat with dignity? What do these experiences tell you on how to show up?)

    Welcome/Equity Partners- ICS Updates

    SEA Funding Update

    Re: ICS classes no long e mandated to be requirements for CSU.

    Some questions and discussion: Who is going to make those decisions and are they being transparent? Are they doing their job well? Are we assessing the effectiveness of these options? Can this position be more High Impact? Considering 90% of monies is for counselors.

    The chancellor has been saying to integrate SSSP, BSI and Equity, but De Anza has been late in the process. The senior administration is rolling out the 3 programs, it has already allocated funds for programs and for positions. People are wondering how much is going to be left from those 3 pots of moneys.

    Next Steps: An invitation will be sent out to the whole institution, and share along the lines that “we have these monies left and if u have innovative ideas to decrease the gap, to please submit ideas”

    Right now we are trying to come up with a process of how we roll this out. There is no discussion regarding the impact of the jobs. SEA or college council and college planning council will be decision makers. The data exists to look at the positions funded by equity or look at the systemic impact. The results should be showing up in the departments.

    Will continue the Conversation. Need Edmundo to formally report out at the next meeting.

    The next college planning council meeting is on March 19 2020

    SEA Program Reporting

    Guided Pathways Enrollment

    The guided pathways co coordinators presented regarding the larger project they are working on and the different parts of it and taking it to shared governance.

    Meta majors are 

    • When students come to De Anza and need to declare a major immediately to get priority registration.
    • We have 600 English majors but where are they? What happens after they register? 
    • Many students never took E-Lit and are majoring in English.
    • Forced to pick a major right away and may not be the major they want nor the one they stick to.
    • Students are undecided may share that they like numbers, or helping people towards a path and allowing them room to explore wit Hough losing more time.
    • Let’s get them room to explore while choosing path

    Some examples are

    • City Colleges of Chicago 
    • Lake Tahoe Community College 

    We went to the core team to have a cross functional inquiry, to be in the same room and talk about guided pathways.

    Classified and academic senate leadership, administrators and student reps, it’s about the positions that comprised the core team

    We presented this data to this core team and we came up with the realization that we need 2 sets of language with academic speak and student friendly language 

    It is difficult we were trying to get away from divisions categories and more skill based categories. Here are the main categories 4-12 of them and solidify to 6 areas: 

    1. Artistic
    2. Language and communication
    3. Social science and humanities
    4. Business and finance 
    5. Physical sciences and technologies 
    6. Health and life sciences 

    We tested this on students. The language is similar on the EDD website. When they come in, some students are looking at academic interests, or identify what job they want, or here is what they like to do i.e. towards a vocation and major. The cluster of words match their potential meta major 

    Survey specific to online classes, students on probation or who dropped out, a targeted group i.e. foster students.

    Face to Face Focus Groups
    Puente, Eng 1A, Math, CTE, DASB, at Conf Rm A + B, 
    Next Date is: Thursday March 12th 

    Update for Tuition Waiver

    Waive nonresident tuition fees for students taking 6 or less units 

    In 2014 FHDA adopted this policy waiving no resident tuition fees for taking 6 or less units (De Anza and/or Foothill) 

    • Undocumented 
    • Recent immigrants 
    • Asylees
    • Or working towards their residency documentation

    Even without advertising it was a popular program 

    1 year before -114 students at Foothill, 99 students De Anza

    1 year later - 298 students at Foothill, 188 students de De Anza

    Non Credit ESL program at Foothill

    We are going to do it now starting in the Fall 2020

    The last term numbers were - 581 students at Foothill, 30 students at De Anza

    Letter of Support Committee re: implementation of the tuition waiver 

    Who is interested in joining?

    1. Jenny
    2. Adriana
    3. Angelica
    4. Edmundo y
    5. Melissa 

    Nazy providing tools

    Who can draft letter and consult Christina on next steps 

    1. Melissa
    2. Erick
    3. Carmen
    4. Mylinh
    5. Angelica 
    6. Deborah 

    Subcommittee Reports

    DASB/ICC: DASB have elections and at this time, like right now, there is a president candidate debate. There are 30 people who applied to DASB leadership. The positions open are one president and one vice-president and seven chairs and then rest are senators. Please share to students that they can vote by next Friday, March 6, 2020. Student vote link:

    Equity Champion Awards  

    We have a committee meeting for the first time of about 6-9 staff, faculty and students members that are meeting starting Thursday, March 5, 2020 afternoon. Equity champions awards deadline during the following week” April 13-17 and review applications by April 24  

    Technology Advisory -  A survey was being prepared for students, and would have been surveyed for Fall 2020. However, now we are preparing a survey for faculty instead.


    Latinx High School conference has been cancelled for March 20, 2020

     Students Voices for Change  - scheduled for Friday, May 8th 

    The old model was high school and will be about fostering healthy relationships among our students


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