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Breaking Isolation: Self-Care, and Community Care tools For HEFAS Students

In moments of grief, crisis, and trauma we need the support of each other in order to thrive, and survive. This Mental Health Program is dedicated to the psychological needs of our undocumented student community. We are here to offer services that are not exclusive to the undocumented community, but also open our arms to embrace, share,  and heal with other communties as well.  We are obliged to uplift, honor, and hold space for resiliency, to continue the plight of survival, and as a reminder of your worth, and that no one in the community is disposable. In a time and place where you may feel hurt, suppressed, and silenced, let us come together, and radically turn to our neighbors with love. HEFAS offers an opportunity to support each other's wellness. We must remember to share resources, and practice strategies for grounding, support, resilience, transformation, and accountability.

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Events and Programing

De-stigmatize Mental Health

  • Normalize mental health as a social justice issue by breaking down the barriers and seeking help.
  • Suspend judgement of yourself, and others to allow the space for healing. 
  • Keep in mind that those who seem the “strongest” are in need of the most support. Undocumented Students, and other marginalized communities deserve a space where they can just be
  • Reach Out, Check in, and share the load.

Legal Info on Health Care for Undocumented Students

National Immigration Law Center

"NILC works to prevent immigrant families from being excluded from vital health care and safety-net programs, promotes policies that enhance fundamental safety-net protections for all those living in the United States."

-NILC Website


De Anza & Foothill Psych Services

Mental Health and Wellness Center at De Anza

Mental Health and Services 

Community Resources at De Anza

Community Resources 

Psychological Services at Foothill 

Psych Services 


Allcove in San Jose and Palo Alto

Allcove is a one stop shop for youth needs. Any youth between ages 12-25 with mild to moderate needs can access free counseling, physical and sexual health services, supported education and employment, substance use, peer and family support, quiet space, and community events! There are 2 locations, in San Jose and Palo Alto.


Adolescent Counseling Services (ACS)

Includes 4 comprehensive mental health programs: community counseling, adolescent substance abuse treatment, on campus counseling, and Outlet.


La Clinica- East Bay 

"La Clínica is the first choice for providing multi-lingual, accessible full-scope health care services in the East Bay, no matter a patient’s income level or insurance status." - La Clinica Website 

La Clinica 

The Gronowski Center 

Community-based mental health clinic associated with Palo Alto University that provides counseling and psychotherapy for adults, children, adolescents, older adults, couples, and families in Santa Clara and nearby counties. Services are on a sliding scale fee schedule. Services are provided by Palo Alto University doctoral-level psychology students under the supervision of licensed clinical psychologists.


County of Santa Clara, Behavioral Health Services

To assist individuals in our community affected by mental illness and serious emotional disturbance to achieve their hopes, dreams and quality of life goals. To accomplish this, services must be delivered in the least restrictive, non-stigmatizing, most accessible environment within a coordinated system of community and self-care, respectful of a person's family and loved ones, language, culture, ethnicity, gender and sexual identity. 

Behavorial Health Services 

Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center, Inc. (TVHC) - Alameda County 

Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center, Inc. (TVHC) is a leading provider of multicultural and linguistically appropriate health care and related services in Central and Southern Alameda County


Open Path 

Open Path provides people in need with access to transformative and affordable mental and holistic health care. We envision a just, compassionate world where all people can easily access the care they need to thrive. In partnership with mental health clinicians in private practice throughout the fifty states and Canada, Open Path  provides middle and lower-income level clients with access to affordable mental health care.

Open Path Collective 

Low Cost


Too many people go without mental health care because of the cost.

So we became the largest community funded mental health effort in the world. With help from heroes like you, we've been able to cover the cost of mental health care for tens of thousands of people.


Undocumented Focused

 Immigrants Rising Mental Health Connector 

Free and completely confidential services for undocumented youth in California. 

Immigrants Rising 


A list of directories based on your state. 

United We Dream 

Informed Immigrant 

Our name, Informed Immigrant, directly evokes our deep hope and ambitious mission of providing all undocumented immigrants with the knowledge and resources they need to feel prepared in our unpredictable political and enforcement environment.

Informed Immigrant 

LatinX Focused

 Therapy for Latinx

We believe that access to mental health is a human right. We dream of a future where therapy is normalized, more accessible and includes our various cultures. We will always stand behind movements that further these values. We are so proud of you for starting this journey, you will be an ancestor one day and just like trauma can be passed down so can resilience.  

Therapy for Latinx 

Latinx Therapy 

This national directory is for Latinx Therapists in private practice. There is no other directory like ours that offers space for community, marketing and is created by a Latinx Therapist, daughter of immigrants.

Latinx Therapy 

South Asian Focused 

There are over 30,000 followers across it’s social media channels and the website attracts over 160,000 views each month. More than half of the therapists in the directory are from the US and 90% of the website’s traffic comes from the US, Canada and UK. is now key in helping mental health providers serve the mental health needs of the South Asian diaspora.

South Asian Therapists 

Asian Focused

 Asian Mental Health Collective 

Asian Mental Health Collective 

Addication Recovery


Live Another Day 

LGBTQ+ Focused


Outlet empowers LGBTQIA+ youth and builds safe and accepting communities through support, education, and advocacy. Services include social groups, therapy groups, counseling, resource refferals, GSA support, and training. 


The LGBTQ Youth Space 

Counseling for youth between ages 13-25, languages available: English, Spanish, ASL. Santa Clara based Medi-Cal or uninsured are eligible. 

Youth Space 

Billy DeFrank LGBTQ+ Community Center 

Recovery groups, discussion groups, HIV testing, community activities 

Billy De Frank Center 

LGBTQ Wellness 

Peer-based social, emotional, and mental health support for  LGBTQ+ adults in Santa Clara County. 

LGBTQ Wellness 

National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network 

NQTTCN sits at the intersection of the mental health field and movements for social justice. We see healing justice as a critical framework essential to integrate into clinical and collective spaces. Increasing access to spiritual and emotional care resources, a foundation of healing justice, combined with seeing our community reflected in the therapeutic process, is profoundly transformative and groundbreaking. Care has been made even more accessible with the creation of NQTTCN’s QTPoC Mental Health Practitioner Directory and the Mental Health Fund, which provides financial assistance to QTPoC seeking mental health support. Practitioner development and community building have continued to grow throughout local and regional meet-ups and our first national gathering in 2018 at the Allied Media Conference

National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network 

Black Community Focused

 Love Land Fundation 

The Loveland Foundation is the official continuation of this effort to bring opportunity and healing to communities of color, and especially to Balck women and girls. Through fellowships, residency programs, listening tours, and more, ultimately we hope to contribute to both the empowerment and the liberation of the comminities we serve.

Love Land Foundation 

Michelle presenting during mental health program

Mental Health Connecter

Visit Immigrants Rising for additional mental health support.

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