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World Languages: Promoting Dialogue Across the WorldThe Intercultural and International Studies Division offers courses in 12 world languages

Our programs and faculty are dedicated to ensuring that you will develop language skills and cultural understanding to: 

  • Build relationships in our multilingual, multicultural society 
  • Understand and engage with diverse perspectives
  • Explore your own cultural and linguistic identity 
  • Open doors to new opportunities and career paths in a globalized world 
  • Support further study in a variety of fields, including Anthropology, Business, Ethnic Studies, History, Linguistics or Philosophy

What World Languages Can I Learn at De Anza?

We offer courses in 12 different languages. If you have never studied a world language, or if you are already multilingual (or multicultural) and want to learn a new language, we have a program for you. Click each tab to learn more about our programs and course offerings. 

American Sign Language

De Anza offers a two-quarter sequence of courses to develop beginning communication skills in American Sign Language. The courses are UC/CSU transferable and may be used to meet general education area requirements.

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Studying French can provide personal and professional benefits, while enhancing your appreciation of international culture. We offer Elementary French courses that introduce students to the language and cultures of French-speaking countries. 

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De Anza is one of the few colleges in the Bay Area with a German Studies program. Our program introduces students to the German language and cultures in an inclusive and communicative classroom setting. Germany is one of the top non-English speaking countries to sponsor academic exchanges through programs like Fulbright, and learning German can expand opportunities for overseas study, professional advancement, and becoming a global citizen.

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De Anza is the only Bay Area college that offers Hindi language instruction. As the third most widely spoken language in the world, Hindi can be a key element of communicating in business and trade, and with the growing community of Indian-born professionals and residents in the U.S. Hindi studies can also lead to better understanding of the world's largest democracy and its cultures.

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Studying Italian can help students become creative thinkers and passionate contributors to a global society. De Anza has worked closely with the Italian Consulate to promote the language and culture. Thanks to a generous contribution from the consulate, we are able to offer free textbooks to our students.

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Japanese is an important language for business and cultural exchange in Silicon Valley. Students at De Anza can study elementary Japanese in a three-course sequence that covers speaking and listening as well as reading and writing skills.

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De Anza is one fo the few community colleges in the Bay Area that offers Korean language and culture classes. These courses are UC/CSU transferable and may be used to meet general education area requirements.

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The Mandarin Department offers certificate programs to provide students with expanded opportunities in their careers, family and social lives, and other spheres. In addition to satisfying a foreign-language requirement, learning Mandarin can help promote multicultural understanding and spur both personal and intellectual growth. 

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Persian has been described as one of the most beautiful languages in the world. The study of Persian  can open the door to a culture that is rich in poetry and literature, while leading to increased understanding of an important region in the Middle East.

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The Russian language program at De Anza is one of the very few Russian programs in the Bay Area and the only one available through a community college. The study of Russian supports cross-cultural dialogue between two vast nations language spheres. 

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Studying Spanish at De Anza College is a great way to engage with the many Latinx communities in the Bay Area, deepen your connection to your own cultural and linguistic heritage, develop valuable career skills, and expand your access to other areas of study. Our program fosters a culture of inclusion and collaboration among learners who are completely new to Spanish, those with previous coursework, and those with occupational or personal ties to Spanish-speaking communities.

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Silicon Valley is home to one of the largest Vietnamese-speaking communities in the United States. Studying the language can help build relationships and enhance professional opportunities, both in the local community and internationally. 

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Join the World Languages Community at De Anza

We are experienced instructors who are dedicated to the vision of a world that is multilingual and multicultural, and to supporting your needs and goals for language learning.

When you enroll in a language course at De Anza, you will find yourself learning with a diverse group of students who have come from local high schools, other community colleges, universities and the community at large – including mature learners, professionals who seek to acquire or enhance their skills, and individuals whose personal and family relationships lead them to interact with speakers of other languages.

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