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Institutional Research and Planning

List of Projects for 2003-2004

Major De Anza Research Projects

#   Project Title   Date
01   Math 105 Degree Requirement Analysis   Summer 03     Draft Proposal   doc
02   English Program Review   Summer 03     Grade Distributions   pdf
03   MPS Program Success Figures for 2002-03   Summer 03     02-03 Results   pdf
04   Analysis of Classroom Utilization for Parking   01-Jul-03     Peak Utilization   doc
05   Reported number of Vietnamese Students   02-Jul-03     Memo   doc
06   Disitance Learning Study by PhD Student   17-Jul-03     Letter   doc
07   Nursing (RN) Enrollment Projections for Grant   24-Jul-03     Memo   doc
08   Foothill Library Survey   05-Aug-03     Statistics   doc
09   Year End Instructional Expenditure Trends   07-Aug-03     02-03 Comparison   pdf
10   Budget Graphics   08-Sep-03     Expenditures   link
11   Largest Course Productivity   08-Sep-03     Results   pdf
12   Percent One Course Takers by Course   08-Sep-03     Results by Crse   pdf
13   Course Success by Division   12-Sep-03     Success/Division   pdf
14   Course Success by College, Ethnicity   12-Sep-03     DA Crse Grades   pdf
15   Section Count by Division and Term   12-Sep-03     Division Links   link
16   Learning Community Figures for 2002-03   24-Sep-03     Results   link
17   International Student Enrollments   11-Oct-03     Stats   pdf
18   High School Feeder Schools   22-Oct-03     High Schools   pdf
19   Message Therapy Program Enrollments   23-Oct-03     Enrollments   pdf
20   Nursing and HTEC Tracking   09-Nov-03     Stats   pdf
21   Workforce Planning and Budget Team Sample   09-Nov-03     Sample Approach   pdf
22   CIS 91 Related Courses   18-Nov-03     Stats   pdf
23   Student Retention Services - COUN100 Group   21-Nov-03     Stats   pdf
24   Financial Aid Student Demographics   24-Nov-03     SFA Info   link
25   Daily Snapshots of Registration Data   Fall 2003     Example   pdf
26   Educational Master Plan Revision   Winter 04     Discussion   link
27   Outcomes Assessment Inventory / Plan   Winter 04     Discussion   link
28   Other Courses Taken by EWRT100A-B Students   08-Sep-03     Stats   pdf
29   Distance Learning Comparisons   05-Feb-04     Results by Div   pdf
30   Math Course Planning   24-Feb-04     Analysis   pdf
31   OTI Enrollment Update Winter 2004   23-Feb-04     Stats   pdf
32   Math Department Trends   23-Feb-04     Stats   pdf
33   International Open Doors Report Info   19-Feb-04     Stats F03   pdf
34   Title III Proposal 2004   06-Mar-04     Proposal   pdf
35   Business Journal Survey   06-Mar-04     Submission   pdf
36   SJSu Transfer Trends   06-Mar-04     Stats   pdf
37   Math Course Transition Planning   19-Mar-04     Stats   pdf
38   LinC Update Fall 2003   22-Mar-04     Stats   pdf
39   Tennis Enr Trend Winters 2003-04   24-Mar-04     Stats   pdf
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Institutional Research and planning
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