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List of Projects for 2006-2007

Major De Anza Research Projects

# Project Title Date Link Type  
01 De Anza Developmental Math Pilot Presentation 21-Jul-06 PPT pdf
02 Spring 2006 EnableMath Survey 02-Aug-06 Stats pdf
03 Spring 2006 LinC Survey 08-Aug-06 Stats pdf
04 2004-05 Distance Learning-Liberal Art Students 09-Aug-06 Stats pdf
05 2005-06 MPS Grade Distributions 11-Aug-06 Stats pdf
06 MPS Grade Distributions 5 Year Summary 15-Aug-06 Stats pdf
07 Financial Aid Applicants by Zip Code 15-Aug-06 Stats pdf
08 VTA Bus Riders to De Anza 15-Aug-06 Stats pdf
09 Chemistry 1A Study 22-Aug-06 Stats pdf
10 FHDA Trio Grant-Economic Need 25-Aug-06 Stats pdf
11 DA TitleIII Grant 2006 25-Aug-06 Stats pdf
12 RENEW Program Study 25-Aug-06 Stats pdf
13 Financial Aid Bus Survey 25-Aug-06 Stats pdf
14 Year End Expenditures by Function 2006 25-Aug-06 Stats pdf
15 Aug. 2006 FAFSA Applicant Transportation Survey 29-Aug-06 Stats pdf
16 Massage Program Statistics 15-Sept-06 Stats pdf
17 Fall 2005 De Anza College Demographics 19-Sept-06 Stats pdf
18 2006 District Opening Day Presentation on LinC 21-Sept-06 PPT pdf
19 2005-06 Growth Initiative Funding Report 25-Sept-06 Report pdf
20 New FHDA Transfer Students Enrolled at SJSU 04-Oct-06 Stats pdf
21 Fall 2006 International Student HC at Census 23-Oct-06 Stats pdf
22 DA Enrollment Fall 2005 & 2006 Census Comparison 23-Oct-06 Stats pdf
23 Fall 2006 International Student Tuition Estimate 27-Oct-06 Stats pdf
24 LinC Concurrent Enrollment -- Math-EWRT-ES 27-Oct-06 Stats pdf
25 Multiple Withdraws in Biology 30-Oct-06 Stats pdf
26 Student Financial Aid Trends, Year End 2005-06 31-Oct-06 Stats pdf
27 Proposed Enrollment Planning Committee 01-Nov-06 Outline pdf
28 Enrollment Planning Assumptions 01-Nov-06 Worksheet  pdf
29 Closing Achievement Gap in Mathematics at FHDA 06-Nov-06 PPT ppt
30 2002-2006 BOG Recipients and Other Students 15-Nov-06 Graph pdf
31 De Anza Latino Student Enrollment Census 15-Nov-06 Stats pdf
32 2006-07 FHDA Financial Aid Yearly Comparison Q1 20-Nov-06 Stats pdf
33 Fall 2005 to Winter 2006 Persistence Estimates 20-Nov-06 Stats pdf
34 Fall 2006 Evening Student Survey 21-Nov-06 Stats pdf
35 Foothill Network Security Program Enrollments 04-Dec-06 Stats pdf
36 Fall 2006 FHDA International Student Report 03-Jan-07 Report pdf
37 Top Ten Countries of Origin for Fall 2006 F1 Students 04-Jan-07 Stats pdf
38 Fall 2006 LinC Survey 09-Jan-07 Stats pdf
39 Winter 2007 Opening Day Enrollment Summary 09-Jan-07 Stats pdf
40 Spring 06 High School Placement Testing Enrollment 10-Jan-07 Stats pdf
41 Fall 2006 EnableMath Survey 11-Jan-07 Stats pdf
42 Social Science Early Alert Results 12-Jan-07 Stats pdf
43 Fall 2006 LinC Report 16-Jan-07 Stats pdf
44 Fall 2004 and 2005 CC Enrollment from ESJ 17-Jan-07 Stats pdf
45 Santa Clara County Zip Code Groupings 17-Jan-07 Map pdf
46 2006 Purpose Survey 19-Jan-07 Stats pdf
47 Fall 05 De Anza Enrollment Status by Age/Ethnicity 22-Jan-07 Stats pdf
48 2003-06 FHDA Academic Year Headcount F1 22-Jan-07 Stats pdf
49 2004-05 Private/Out of State 4-yr College Transfers 24-Jan-07 Report pdf
50 Winter 2006 to Winter 2007 Enrollment Trends 24-Jan-07 Stats pdf
51 Fall 06 EOPS & De Anza HC by Ethnicity and Gender 29-Jan-07 Stats pdf
52 Strategic Planning Team Report Guidelines 29-Jan-07 Guidelines pdf
53 2004-05 De Anza Private & Out of State Transfers 30-Jan-07 Stats pdf
54 2004-05 Private Transfers Ranked by CC 09-Feb-07 Stats pdf
55 Fall 2006 De Anza Course Success by Ethnicity 21-Feb-07 Stats pdf
56 2005F-2007W Child Development Course Enrollment 21-Feb-07 Stats pdf
57 Fall 2006 Course Success by Student Time of Day 22-Feb-07 Stats pdf
58 Fall 2006 De Anza College "Asian Indian" Students 23-Feb-07 Stats pdf
59 2006 MPS Program Students Repeating Same Course 23-Feb-07 Stats pdf
60 2006-07 FHDA Financial Aid Yearly Comparison Q2 02-Mar-07 Stats pdf
61 De Anza College Strategic Planning Report Template 06-Mar-07 Report doc
62 De Anza College Strategic Planning Template 06-Mar-07 PPT ppt
63 Winter 2007 Student Enrollment by Income Zip Code 07-Mar-07 Map pdf
64 Winter 2007 Percent Latino Enrollment by Zip Code 07-Mar-07 Map pdf
65 2000F-2006F International Iran Student Report 19-Mar-07 Report pdf
66 Winter 2007 LinC Survey 28-Mar-07 Stats pdf
67 Winter 2007 Nursing Program Clinical Survey 04-Apr-07 Stats pdf
68 Winter 2007 Nursing Program Theory Survey 04-Apr-07 Stats pdf
69 Spring 2007 Opening Day Enrollment 11-Apr-07 Report pdf
70 2007 Professional Development Experience Project 12-Apr-07 Stats pdf
71 Spring 2007 Distance Learning Estimated WSCH 27-Apr-07 Stats pdf
72 Fall 2006 Tech Prep Students 30-Apr-07 Stats pdf
73 Spring 2007 Adult Education/ESL Survey 30-Apr-07 Stats pdf
74 Fall 2006 New Student COUN100 Enrollments 03-May-07 Stats pdf
75 Spring 2007 De Anza International Student Report 03-May-07 Report pdf
76 Spring 2007 Foothill International Student Report 03-May-07 Report pdf
77 Winter 2007 Enablemath Survey 09-May-07 Stats pdf
78 DASB Election Eligibility List Summary 09-May-07 Summary pdf
79 04-05 to 06-07 DA Paralegal Program Enrollments 09-May-07 Stats xls
80 Spring 2007 Census Enrollment Notes 09-May-07 Stats pdf
81 Winter 2007 Part-Time Speech Faculty Survey 10-May-07 Stats pdf
82 So You Want to Be an "Institutional" Researcher? 14-May-07 PPT pdf
83 1994-2007 De Anza College CD51 Enrollment Trend 17-May-07 Stats pdf
84 2006-07 FHDA Financial Aid Yearly Comparison Q3 21-May-07 Stats pdf
85 June 2006 Fremont HSD Top DA Courses Fall 2006 25-May-07 Stats pdf
86 2003-07 Estimated Nonresident Tuition Census 29-May-07 Stats pdf
87 Language Arts Distance Learning Success 11-Jun-07 Stats pdf
88 Early Summer 2007 Enrollment Note 12-Jun-07 Note pdf
89 2005-06 Graduate Survey, Spring 2007 28-Jun-07 Stats pdf
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