DASG Senate Committees are established to focus on specific tasks that the Senate needs to do. They carry out the functions of the Senate by working within themselves to research and plan these tasks.

There are ten standing internal committees. Except for the Elections Committee and Executive Advisory Committee, each committee is headed by an elected committee chair. To learn about each committee, click on the links below.

DASG Senate Committees


Student Services and Feedback


Equity and Diversity


Environmental Sustainability

Legislative Affairs

Flea Market


Executive Advisory

External Shared Governance Committee Assignments

Committee DASG Representative
Academic Calendar Exploration and Feasibility Analysis (ACEFA) Task Force  
Academic Senate Edith Chan
Administrative Planning and Budget Team (APBT) Isaac Lim, Jessica Lukius
Affordable Housing Task Force  
Art on Campus Advisory Committee Kenneth Wong
Associated Students of Foothill College (ASFC) Campus Council Jenny Trinh
Board of Trustees Pierce Tao
Budget Task Force  
Campus Center Advisory Board Khan Ngo
Campus Facilities Hank Chen, Miriam Kan
Chancellor's Advisory Council Amy Huang
Classified Senate Alysa Ngo
College Council Amy Huang, Khan Ngo
College Planning Committee  
Consultation Task Force Amy Huang
Curriculum Committee Shihan Wang
District Budget Advisory Committee (DBAC) Morris Chang
District Diversity and Equity Advisory Committee (DDEAC)  
Educational Technology Advisory Committee (ETAC) Zain Mustafa
Energy and Sustainability Advisory Committee (ESAC) Soham Mirajkar
Equity Action Council (EAC) Amrit Kaur Gill
Governance Review Task Force  
Guided Pathways Core Team Arya Singh, Lydia Wong
Instructional Planning and Budget Team (IPBT) Michelle Chang
Police Chief's Advisory Committee (PCAC)  
Student Health Advisory Committee  
Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC) Mohammad Khan
Student Services Planning and Budget Team (SSPBT)  
Technology Committee Francis Chan, Eren Saglam
Women, Gender and Sexuality Center Advisory Council Amrit Kaur Gill, Aditi Sharma

Special (Ad Hoc) Committees

  • Ad Hoc Committees As Needed


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