Real-Time Captioning Services

Real-time captioning or Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) services is a professional service that can be delivered on location or remotely.

This DHHS service is provided to DeAnza College students as an approved accomodation by a DSS counselor.

How Captioning Works:

Assignment of Captioners 

  • Real-time captioners are assigned to classes by the Deaf Services Supervisor.
  • Neither the instructor nor the student has the authority to dismiss a captioner.
  • The Deaf Services Supervisor will release a captioner from an assignment when necessary.
  • Exceptions to the standard captioning guidelines may be made in the case of an approved accommodation based on disability related limitations.  A Disability Support Services Counselor must approve such adjustments,

 Classroom Captioner Guidelines

  • The captioner will transcribe instructor lectures and student comments using specialized computer equipment.
  • The captioner will begin writing when the student arrives.
  • If a student leaves the classroom for any reason, the captioner will resume writing when the student returns.
  • The captioner is responsible to transcribe only auditory/verbal information.
  • During a test, lab or captioned video, the captioner will remain in the classroom.

Classroom Captioning Guidelines for Students

  • The student is responsible to either take personal notes or request a note taker to have a record of any written information.
  • If a class requires an instructor-student conference during the quarter, students should select an appointment within the regularly scheduled class time, if possible.
  • If the appointment is outside the regularly scheduled class time, student will need to a fill out a request form to receive services.

Transcript Guidelines

  • Students will receive an electronic copy of the transcripts for referencing.
  • Only students registered with DSS are entitled to the transcripts.
  • Students cannot sell, distribute or reproduce transcripts for any purpose.
  • Transcripts will be provided only for class sessions attended by the student.
  • Transcripts will be e-mailed to the student within a 2-day (48-hour) turnaround time.
  • The college's standardized format is to display captioned text in an easy-to-read layout. 

Wait Time & Cancellation Polices

Wait Times

Below are the required wait times for interpreters/captioners. After the wait time has expired, the interpreter/captioner will contact the supervisor to report the "no-show" and to possibly be reassigned.

1 Hour Class 15 Minutes
2 Hour Class 20 Minutes
3 Hours or More 30 Minutes

 Classroom Captioning Policies & Procedures

Formatting Presentation for Captioning

  • Text should always be presented in "Sentence Case”, size 14 font, in PDF format or Word doc.
  • Black background with white font.
  • Displayed Real-time text should read like a script and include accurate punctuation marks with proper sentence structure.
  • The display should not have any other words or texts obstructing the screen while in real time.
  • Ethernet should always be used to ensure connection stability.
  • The Deaf Services standardized format is to display text in an easy-to-read layout.
  • Student preferences should be honored in how you format.

 Before Class Assignment

  • The CART Provider is responsible for setting up at least 15 minutes before their scheduled assignment.

  • Please make sure your cell phone is turned to “silent” during class.

  • Turn off your untranslatable in your software so real-time writing is clean.

  • Be sure to have your computer and steno machine charged.

  • The CART Provider is responsible to ask the student for any formatting preferences. 

  • Prep for all classes and add any terms that are not already in your dictionary.

During Class Assignment

  • If group work will take place, please advise the instructor that it is preferable for your student’s group to come to you and make a circle or group.

  • It is the CART Provider’s responsibility to communicate the need for accessibility during group work for our student.

  • Stay for the entirety of class during any lab work, in-class silent work and/or captioned videos.

  • If the instructor is showing a video/media in the classroom, please approach the instructor to confirm that the video is captioned/subtitled.

  • Ensure your equipment and case are nearby for quicker setting up and tearing down.

After Class Assignment

  • Editing of the transcript should be completed within 48 hours.

  • Add all untranslated words to your dictionary.

Apply for Hourly Position

Pay Scales

Interpreter I (recent grad) - $30/hr
Interpreter II - $37.50/hr
Interpreter III - 45/hr
interpreter IV (certified) - $52.50/hr

Required Documentation

Be sure to have the following required documents on hand.

Diversity Statement

IMPORTANT: Once you have started the application process, you must complete it in one sitting. Closing out before you have completed will reset the process and delete all progress you have made.


Once you have applied and HR processes your application, you are then eligible for on-going or sub assignments.

TB Testing:

You may also need to have a current TB test. If you are directed to do so, please refer to Health Services for testing information.



If you are directed to provide fingerprints, please refer to Campus Police for locations, days and times.




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Location: LCW 110

Regular Hours:           


On Campus:

Tuesday & Thursday 8:00 AM-3:00 PM

By Appointment:

M-F 8:00 AM-5:00 PM


Contact Information: 

PH: (408) 864-5435

VP (408) 565-8687

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