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DSPS counselors offer comprehensive services to support eligible studentsOur counselors and learning disabilities specialists work individually with each student.

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Together, they

  • Identify academic goals and choose classes to achieve them
  • Develop and implement an individualized list of accommodations and services that are appropriate to the goals
  • Address specific educational limitations.

Our counselors and specialists can also assist with monitoring academic progress, identifying additional on- or off-campus resources and adjusting goals or accommodations as needed. Here's how you can reach them.

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Kevin Glapion
Counselor for the Disabled

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Esther Halwani
Counselor for the Disabled

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Mark Taberna
Counselor for the Disabled


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Anita Vazifdar
Counselor for the Disabled

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Deborah Armstrong
Alternative Media Specialist

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Cathy Patel
Learning Disability Specialist


Gail Rulloda
Learning Disability Specialist


Our programs serve students whose disabilities include (but are not limited to)

  • Learning disabilities
  • Mobility impairment
  • Physical impairment
  • Stroke or head trauma, including traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Visual impairment
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing impairments
  • Psychological disorders such as ADHD, PTSD, anxiety disorders and major depression
Students who aren't eligible to see a DSPS counselor can visit the general Counseling and Advising Center or a counselor within their division or program.

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