Courses Offered By This Department

Course Number Course Title Units
LS 50 Student Success Strategies 4
LS 207 Introductory Writing and Grammar Skills 4
LS 209 Arithmetic Skills and Strategies 4
LS 211 Algebra Skills 4
EDAC 1 Introduction to College and Accommodations 1.5
EDAC 20 Universal Design and Accessibility 4
EDAC 240 Assistive Technology Access Evaluation 0.5
EDAC 245 Assistive Technology Access (Windows) 2
EDAC 300 Workplace Communication Skills 0
EDAC 290X Assistive Technology Access Practice 0.5
EDAC 290Y Assistive Technology Access Practice 1
EDAC 304 Soft Skills 0
EDAC 307 Notetaking Technologies and Strategies 0
EDAC 230 Vocational Interests and Aptitudes 1
EDAC 230R Vocational Interests and Aptitudes 2
EDAC 230S Vocational Interests and Aptitudes 3
EDAC 230T Vocational Interests and Aptitudes 4
EDAC 230U Vocational Interests and Aptitudes 5
EDAC 230V Vocational Interests and Aptitudes 6
EDAC 230W Vocational Interests and Aptitudes 7
EDAC 230X Vocational Interests and Aptitudes 8
EDAC 230Y Vocational Interests and Aptitudes 9
EDAC 230Z Vocational Interests and Aptitudes 10
EDAC 231 Workforce Skills 1
EDAC 231R Workforce Skills 2
EDAC 231S Workforce Skills 3
EDAC 231T Workforce Skills 4
EDAC 231U Workforce Skills 5
EDAC 231V Workforce Skills 6
EDAC 231W Workforce Skills 7
EDAC 231X Workforce Skills 2.5
EDAC 231Y Workforce Skills 9
EDAC 231Z Workforce Skills 10
EDAC 232 Workplace Culture 1
EDAC 232R Workplace Culture 2
EDAC 232S Workplace Culture 3
EDAC 232T Workplace Culture 4
EDAC 232U Workplace Culture 5
EDAC 232V Workplace Culture 6
EDAC 232W Workplace Culture 7
EDAC 232X Workplace Culture 8
EDAC 232Y Workplace Culture 9
EDAC 232Z Workplace Culture 10
EDAC 233 Professional Conduct 1
EDAC 233R Professional Conduct 2
EDAC 233S Professional Conduct 3
EDAC 233T Professional Conduct 4
EDAC 233U Professional Conduct 5
EDAC 233V Professional Conduct 6
EDAC 233W Professional Conduct 7
EDAC 233X Professional Conduct 8
EDAC 233Y Professional Conduct 9
EDAC 233Z Professional Conduct 10
EDAC 234 Civic Responsibility 1
EDAC 234R Civic Responsibility 2
EDAC 234S Civic Responsibility 3
EDAC 234T Civic Responsibility 4
EDAC 234U Civic Responsibility 5
EDAC 234V Civic Responsibility 6
EDAC 234W Civic Responsibility 7
EDAC 234X Civic Responsibility 8
EDAC 234Y Civic Responsibility 9
EDAC 234Z Civic Responsibility 10
EDAC 235 Transition to Campus 1
EDAC 235R Transition to Campus 2
EDAC 235S Transition to Campus 3
EDAC 235T Transition to Campus 4
EDAC 235U Transition to Campus 5
EDAC 235V Transition to Campus 6
EDAC 235W Transition to Campus 7
EDAC 235X Transition to Campus 8
EDAC 235Y Transition to Campus 9
EDAC 235Z Transition to Campus 10
EDAC 312 Basic English Skills for Students with Disabilities 0
EDAC 313 Basic Math Skills for Students with Disabilities 0

These listings are drawn from the current college catalog. Some courses may not be offered every quarter. Contact the academic department to find out when a course will be offered.

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