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Student Success & Retention Services

SSRS Participation Agreement

Participants in this program will agree to:

  • Meet a minimum of once (1) a quarter with a Counselor or Advisor.
  • Enroll in the Human Development (HUMA) 20 class within the first two quarters of being accepted into the program.
  • Complete a minimum of one (1) Program activity per quarter.
  • Meet a minimum if two (2) times with a Program Peer or Tutor once a quarter.
  • Be enrolled in a minimum of six (6) units.
  • The above mentioned criteria will determine eligibility (along with other previously indicated criteria) for early registration.


email Email: SSRSC

SSRSC Direct Line: 408.864.8470

Office:                        Student & Community
Services Building
            Second Floor         Counseling Center



Last Updated: 10/21/10