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Your Village Center is a place on campus where you'll find a community of people who are part of  your Village and share your interests, along with services and resources that are relevant to your major.

Check the calendar below for upcoming Village Center events. Then find your Village Center on the campus map or consult the list of locations on this page.


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Discover Your Village! 

village spaces map

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I love my artistic expression village

Artistic Expression: Room L 21 – in the L2 Building

I love my busines and finance village

Business and Finance: Room AT 202 – Advanced Technology Center

I love my health and life sciences village

Health and Life Sciences: Room SEM 2 – in the Seminar Building

I love my language and communication village

Language and Communication: Room L 47 – in the L4 Building

I love my physical sciences and technology village

Physical Sciences and Technology: Room S 55 – in the S5 Building

I love my social sciences and humanities village

Social Sciences and Humanities: Room L 73 – in the L7 Building

students talking in group near fountain

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