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Physical Sciences and TechnologyInvestigate the physical world, including the laws of math and science. Find new ways to design, create or repair physical systems.

The Physical Sciences and Technology village includes programs that offer degrees or certificates from De Anza, and programs that offer courses you may be able to apply toward a four-year degree if you transfer.

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Explore the list of programs below. Click the links to visit department websites and learn about courses, degrees and certificates. You can also check degree and transfer maps that show which courses to take each quarter to reach your goal.

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The Physical Sciences and Technology village is a supportive community of students, faculty and staff with similar interests. Each village offers events, career panels and fun activities that are keyed to your major and related subjects. 

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Your Guided Pathways Village will be a central hub for information, mentoring and services related to your major and goals. We've made it easier than ever to connect with resources, support and people who can help you succeed.

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Click these links to visit the department or program website, where you'll find information about courses, instructors and the requirements for earning a degree or certificate

NEW You can also check the degree and transfer maps for different programs. These maps will show you which courses to take, quarter by quarter, so you can work efficiently to reach your goal – whether it’s earning a degree or certificate, or transferring to a university in your major. You'll find these posted on the list of all academic programs: Click the name of the subject or program and then click to view the "Degree Map" or "Transfer Map" for the subject you're interested in.

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Each village offers workshops, events and other activities that are keyed to your major and related subjects. You'll find information about these activities posted here and in your village shell on Canvas

You can also check out these websites for more ways to get involved.

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