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De Anza College Math and Science Fair
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Female student at fair with ocean pier generator


Female student with her black ink project


Male student with Japanese earthquake analysis project.


Brother and sister partners for Persistance of Vision Clock project.


Female student with identification and comparison of De Anza plant species.


Female student explaining how to harvest energy from sound waves to a male students.


Female student demonstrating her physics obstacle course project.


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Event Date & Time
The event was held in the Main Quad during the Spring quarter of 2013.

Linear Accelerator


Main Quad and

Conference Rooms A&B



Individual or pairs of students that have:

  • enrolled in 6 or more units; and
  • identified a faculty mentor; and
  • not earned a degree in math or science yet

Female student looking through Telescope


Submissions will be scored on numerous factors by:

  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Administrators

Instructor with Solar Oven








CIS Department


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STEM-Focused Clubs


Female student launching her and her partners trebuchet.


Female student explaining respiratory system, liver and metabolism at fair.


Male student describing his Face Cards mobile aid for prosopagnosia.


Male faculty and male student with solar telescope at math and science fair.


Female student setting up the trebuchet for a launch.



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