How to Become a De Anza College DSS Student

At De Anza College, we've made it easy to apply for admission and qualify for priority enrollment, so you can get the classes you need to achieve your goals.

All it takes is a few simple steps ...
In order to receive your disability-related services and accommodations at De Anza College you must first complete these steps:

Apply Online

De Anza uses the statewide application system known as OpenCCC. This online system is designed to accommodate most students.

Complete the De Anza College application and you will receive your CampusWide IDentification (CWID) number and password to access the college’s MyPortal site.



When you fill out the application, remember to declare a major (not "undecided") and select a goal of transfer, degree or certificate if you want to qualify for priority enrollment.

Submit DSPS Application

Complete and submit the online DSPS Application for services:

Login to MyPortal

  1. Find the Apps menu and click on the Students tab.
  2. Click on the ClockWork icon and select De Anza.
  3. Click on the DSPS Application icon.
  4. Complete and submit the DSPS Application.

If this process is unavailable, please follow the options for submitting the Disability Verifiation Form.

Submit Disability Verification Form

Complete and submit a completed Disability Verification Form to verify your disability.


Give your Doctor or appropriate health professional the following documentation:

  1. Instruction Letter
  2. Disability Verification Form
  3. Disabilities Definitions and Documentation sheet

You have three options to submit your documentation to DSPS by:

  • FAX to (408) 864-5492
  • EMAIL to
  • IN PERSON to RSS 141

See DSS Counselor

Complete these steps and you will be promptly scheduled to meet with a DSPS Counselor to set up all of your classes, services, and accommodations. 

Questions regarding your appointment should be directed to the Sr. Secretary at Disability Support Services at (408) 864-8753 or email at

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