Challenging Your English Placement

If you believe your English placement is incorrect or that you can succeed in a higher-level course than the one in which you were placed, you are entitled to request reconsideration by submitting a placement challenge.

Important Note

Your placement challenge is unlikely to succeed unless you can provide significant new information for consideration by the challenge review panel.

De Anza College now assesses most students for English placement on the basis of their U.S. high school transcripts, using a method that is preferred under state law. For students who did not attend a U.S. high school, De Anza has adopted a carefully designed Guided Self-Placement tool. If your placement is based on one of these methods, you are unlikely to prevail in a challenge without providing significant, new information or documented proof of your ability to succeed in a higher-level course.

To submit a placement challenge, you must complete an online checklist that's linked to the yellow button below. Be sure to provide all relevant information and documentation, including an email address that can be used to contact you. Challenges submitted by phone, fax, email or regular mail will not be considered.

A panel of at least three English Department faculty members will consider your challenge if it includes sufficient new information or documentation. You may also be asked to meet with one or more members to discuss the evidence you have presented.

While your challenge is pending, we recommend that you register for the course in which you were placed, so you don’t lose time if your challenge doesn’t succeed.

For questions about the assessment process, please contact the Assessment Center

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