De Anza Creative Writing Courses, 2020-21

Fall  2020

EWRT 30, Introduction to Creative Writing

Lita Kurth

ONLINE* (*due to Covid 19)

5 units

EWRT 40  Fiction Writing (Online)

Becky Roberts

5 units

Winter 2021

EWRT 30, Introduction to Creative Writing

10:00-12:15 PM Tue/ Thurs*  (*or Online, depending on Covid 19 restrictions)

Kim Palmore

Kim's Wordpress Teaching Website

5 units

EWRT 30, Introduction to Creative Writing (Online)

Alex Giardino

Alex's Author's Website

5 units

Spring 2021

EWRT 30, Creative Writing

Jesus Quintero

10-12:15, Tuesday & Thursday

5 units

EWRT 41, Poetry Writing (Online)

Ken Weisner

Creative Writing Website, De Anza College

5 units

EWRT 68A & 68A/AX and 68B(BX) & 68C(CX)

Literary Magazine, Student Edition

Red Wheelbarrow

Ken Weisner

Red Wheelbarrow, Student Edition, Campus Website

Red Wheelbarrow National Edition, Campus Website

Meets 1:30-3:45  PM Thursdays (Room TBA)*

Online section available with instructor permission, contact instructor to request

2 or 3 units

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